Monthly Archives: October 2014

  1. Right to the Core: Propper’s New Look and Website

    Propper WallpaperYou may have noticed that Propper looks a little different recently. That’s because we’ve refreshed our brand and our website to better reflect where we’ve been — and where we’re headed.

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  2. Sheep Dog Profile from Breach Bang Clear

    SheepDogSpartanRace2014If you’ve been paying attention to Propper in the last few years, you are probably aware of our partnership with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance. Recently Breach Bang Clear did an overview for their readers about SDIA and their dedicated organization of Sheep Dogs.

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  3. Art and optics influenced your camo

    dazzlecamoDo you know what brought on the camouflage uniform as we know it? Yes, colors have always been used to help conceal a solider on the battle field, but the patterns and shapes as we use them today weren’t in use until around WWI. 

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