Monthly Archives: March 2015

  1. Propper Pistol Rug

    Propper Pistol Rug The Propper Pistol Rug is a simple, cost effective solution for keeping your weapon safe during storage or transport. With Propper, you know you are getting solid, no-frills design that works reliably when you need it to.

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  2. Introducing the Propper Tactical Duffle Bag

    Propper Tactical DuffleThe Propper Tactical Duffle is your new go-to bag for everyday use. Propper was built on deliberately designed, authentic apparel and gear. This bag is no exception to that tradition. Designed and constructed with heavy duty use in mind, the Tactical Duffle is built to keep up with you.

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  3. Propper Media Gallery: Your Product Download Resource

    media gallery Visit the Media Gallery for all the product downloads you need for your website, catalog or retail space.



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  4. Propper Honored With Sheep Dog Founders Award

    SDIA Founders AwardPropper is honored to receive the Sheep Dog Founders Award. Since 2012, Propper has been a proud sponsor and partner of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA).

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