Monthly Archives: June 2016

  1. Off-Body Carry Options – 3 Questions to Ask

    Off Body CaryHow do you carry concealed when on-body simply isn’t an option? Ask these 3 critical questions to find the best solution for you.






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  2. 4 Reasons Colors Fade

    Color ComparisionHave you ever noticed that garments that started out as the same color fade at different rates? You ordered two olive green items – a t-shirt and a pair of pants – that appeared to be identical colors but over time the t-shirt begins to fade while the pants remain closer to the day you bought them? Why is that?


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  3. Meet ALICE & MOLLE – They’re PALS

    MOLLEWhat is MOLLE? How does it compare to ALICE? Take a look at the history of backpack fastening systems, from the Revolutionary War to today.



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  4. The Story Behind Flag Day

    FlagHappy Flag Day! Do you know the story of how this national celebration got started? Find out about the journey from its humble origins to the desk of the President of the United States.


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  5. U.C. Pack Expert Review

    OGR LogoWe’re not the only ones who love our customizable and rugged U.C. Pack. Check out what Luke at The Outdoor Gear Review loves about it.



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  6. 2500+ Ways to Customize Your Carry

    UC PackThanks to innovative features such as hook and loop and MOLLE fastening systems, you can take a basic bag meant for the masses and make it your own.





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  7. Lighten Up!

    Summerweight in ActionWhether you wear armor or not, you get hot working long shifts outside, so it’s time to consider cooling things off with a summerweight uniform, designed to keep you cooler while maintaining the professional look you need. Discover the three main elements in the summerweight uniform.




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