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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  1. Which Boots Work Best?

    Series 100A lot goes into choosing a pair of tactical boots. What kind do you need? What will you use them for? Hiking? Marching? Tactical operations? Everyday wear on patrol? Boots come in all sorts of styles, so what features should you look for when choosing your next pair?


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  2. Body Armor Protection Levels

    Armor CarHow do you choose the right body armor? Between soft armor and ballistic plates, what works best? Learn more about how armor is made and which types work the best against different threats.






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  3. NTOA Reviews

    NTOAHow good is a product, really? Will it last? Will it do what you need it to do? Customer reviews are great, and we appreciate each and every one, even the ones that show us where we need to improve. But where do you, the customer, go to find out what the industry experts are saying about products before you buy?

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  4. What Did Soldiers Carry in 1776?

    SigningWhen war broke out in April 1775, the Continental Army found itself face-to-face with an overwhelming task: fight to separate the colonists from British rule or be hanged for treason. Clearly, the British army was better equipped for a war than the ragtag band of militia that had been tasked with carrying out this monumental task. So what did the Continental Army soldiers use to fight off the “redcoats”?


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  5. ACU Updates – What You Need to Know

    ACU ModelThe Army recently updated the specs for the ACU, modifying the cut and functionality of the uniform and the camouflage pattern. While we hope to offer an ACU in the OCP pattern soon, we are making the construction changes in our existing line of Multicam and Army Universal ACUs now to reflect the new Army spec.

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