Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. After Action Review: M65 Field Coat


    Guest reviewer Joe Houser takes you through his impressions of the iconic M65 Field Coat and tells why it might be even better today than when it first came out.



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  2. A History of Veterans Day

    Veterans Day Flag RaisingEvery November 11, patriotic Americans set aside time to honor military veterans, both alive and passed, and thank and remember them for their service. Today we call this special day Veterans Day. But it hasn’t always been called that. In fact, it hasn’t always been a nationally recognized holiday.


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  3. Tactical Pants that Don’t Look Tactical

    STL PantsYou know the style. Big, baggy pockets on the outside, held closed by large, obvious flaps. Pockets in places normal pants don’t have them, like along the outside of the leg or near the knee. Tactical pants typically look like tactical pants. But sometimes you don’t want to look so, well, tactical. What if you want to blend in and not “look the part”?


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  4. Steve Fisher Partners with Propper

    FisherPropper International is proud to announce a partnership with Steve Fisher, internationally-renowned tactical trainer and owner of Sentinel Concepts, as a new brand ambassador.



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