Monthly Archives: December 2016

  1. After Action Review: Covert Shirt

    Covert Anchor ImageThe folks at Propper have a saying, “For almost 50 years, making tactical gear with a purpose has been our way of life.” They definitely had that in mind when designing their Covert Button-Up shirt.



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  2. Military Holiday Traditions

    Small Christmas BallsOver the years, the military branches have tried hard to ease the burden of overseas duty during the holiday, and the troops themselves have done their best to help those in need in areas of fighting.




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  3. Tatiana Whitlock Joins Propper Team

    TW ActionPropper International is proud to announce a partnership with defensive firearms instructor Tatiana Whitlock as a new brand ambassador.




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  4. Men’s Stretch Tactical Pant Review

    Stretch 200Guest columnist Joe Houser reviews the Men’s Lightweight Stretch Tactical Pants -- and might just change your mind about the tactical pants field.




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  5. After Action Review: OTS XL Bag

    OTS XLGuest blogger Joe Houser takes you through its various features of the Propper OTS XL bag and shows you why it may be the most convenient EDC bag you’ll ever own.



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