Monthly Archives: August 2017

  1. Happy 100th Birthday 82nd Airborne!

    PatchAugust 25 marks the 100th anniversary of the first activation of the most legendary of all airborne divisions. 

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  2. Propper Armor in Action

    Armor ThumbnailHow effective is Propper body armor? See for yourself.

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  3. NEW RevTac Pant: An Update on a Classic

    RevTac ThumbnailThe new Propper® RevTac Pant is a modernized update to our flagship tactical pant. Look more professional without sacrificing function.

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  4. Summerweight Pants: Lightweight Durability

    Khaki SummerweightsIn midsummer heat, most of us would be more comfortable in shorts. But sometimes it’s necessary to protect our legs. Guest reviewer Joe Houser says that’s where the Summerweight Tactical Pant by Propper comes in handy.

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  5. Happy Birthday US Coast Guard: Americas Oldest Maritime Agency

    uscg oduAugust 4 marks the 227th birthday of the US Coast Guard, the nation’s oldest maritime agency. Happy birthday, United States Coast Guard!

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