Monthly Archives: September 2021

  1. The Ultimate Guide to BDUs

    Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) are military uniforms that were previously used by the United States Armed Forces. While these uniforms have officially been retired by the military, they are still widely used by law enforcement agencies, rescue teams, outdoor enthusiast, and some militaries around the world.

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  2. What are BDU Pants? | All that you need to know

    For more than forty years, BDU pants have been a staple in American apparel. Developed by the US Army in the late 1970s, BDUs were intended to replace the uniform pants used in the Vietnam era. Today, agencies and civilians across the world wear BDUs for work and play.

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  3. What Do Wildland Firefighters Wear?

    When it comes to the harshest and most dangerous jobs in the world, being a wildland firefighter is certainly on the top of the list. To help ensure their safety on a daily basis, wildland firefighters rely on specialized gear and uniforms to protect them.

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