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Police Uniforms & Apparel by Propper

Law enforcement personnel, first responders, or anyone who commits themselves to the protection of others deserves the respect of the communities they serve. They also deserve comfortable, reliable, and professional-looking uniforms. Propper’s collection of police uniforms provide the brave men and women of law enforcement with the apparel they want to wear. Every item in our lineup is ideal for first responders who need durable and lightweight uniforms to meet the demands of the job - not just a uniform standard.

Police Officer Uniforms

Purposeful and streamlined, Propper police officer uniforms are made to the same no-compromise manufacturing standard we rely on every day as a military apparel contractor.  

Born from a legacy of excellence, the Propper Kinetic® Pants are the best police pants on the market and a department favorite. These feature-rich pants are constructed with a stretch ripstop fabric that provides extreme durability and total freedom of movement. Other key features such as a gusseted crotch, a slider waistband, knife reinforcement, and internal knee pad pockets come together to create a duty pant LEOs want to wear.

The Propper I.C.E.® Polo is also an LEO favorite for police shirts. This duty polo is designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable on the job via moisture-wicking technology. Proven to dry 125% faster than cotton and 30% faster than comparable polyester polos, it’s easy to see why the I.C.E Polo has become an industry standard for police uniforms.  

Don't settle for the typical, heavy, and hot police uniforms of yesteryear. The times have changed and Propper is proud to bring forward breathable, lightweight, and dependable gear to the law enforcement community. 

Uniforms For Every Law Enforcement Officers

When failure is not an option.

Propper has a long history of being a leading supplier of military uniforms to the U.S. Department of Defense. In light of this, Propper knows how to manufacture purpose-built clothing that fits the demanding needs of working professionals. From duty jackets to uniform pants, caps, police boots, and plate carriers - Propper Police Uniforms are built right to the core.

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Police Uniform FAQs

What are different types of police uniforms?

In the United States, police officers typically have at least two classes of uniforms. Dress or traditional uniforms are often used for ceremonial duties, public relations events, and for officers who are assigned tasks in the police stations, including the highest ranks. These uniforms are frequently called Class A uniforms and may include blazers, dress slacks, ties, and patent polished shoes. For day to day operations and patrol, many departments utilize a Class B uniform option. This uniform dresses down the Class A and can use a different material such as poly/cotton ripstop or twill, add cargo pockets to the slacks, and possibly even incorporate an outer body armor carrier. Some Class B uniforms are defined as tactical uniforms, including BDUs or tactical pants with woven tactical shirts or polos. Many more traditional departments utilize the tactical uniform as a Class C uniform or training uniform for their patrol officers. In these departments, SWAT or tactical teams and specialists like K-9 patrols will use the tactical uniform as their daily wear.

What is a police uniform called?

In the United States, Police Uniforms are typically called Class A for Dress/Ceremonial Wear, Class B for Patrol/Daily Wear, or Class C of Tactical/Training use.

Can Police wear camouflage?

There is no law that says Police cannot wear camouflage but it is not typical that Police Departments in the United States would wear it. While in many other countries the police are a part of the national government and frequently do wear camo, in the United States, typically only SWAT or other special tactical operations officers will wear it. Its use is becoming less frequent as many police departments are making efforts to appear less militarized in their communities.

Why do police wear blue?

Police Departments typically wear dark blue or black uniforms in many cities because they look traditional and professional. Originally in many cases, these uniforms were modeled after military uniforms or were even actual military uniforms, but as the US Military branches evolved into new colors and camouflage patterns, the recognizable blues and blacks of police departments stayed the law enforcement color of choice. It should be noted that Sheriff departments often do not wear blue or black, opting for brown, olive, or khaki to distinguish themselves from the municipal uniforms.

What is a Class B Police Uniform?

Class B uniforms are the daily patrol uniforms in most municipal police departments. Typically, dark navy or black, Class B uniforms also have a typical look and feel, they are dressed down from the ceremonial uniforms and made of functional fabrics. However, some police departments use tactical shirts and pants for class B daily use.