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You defend yourself and conceal carry. Get the EDC wear and gear to support your personal protection. Start with training, where the durable Kinetic and EdgeTec Tactical pants, soft and secure 8x10 Pistol Case, and customizable Range Bag make range days more organized and efficient, letting you focus on honing your skills. Back in the real world, blend in with the crowd in covert STL I and EdgeTec Slick pants with a minimal look but maximum tactical functionality as you conceal your EDC weapon under the drape of a moisture-wicking Snag Free Polo or ultra-lightweight Summerweight Polo with breathable mesh back. Hold your gun IWB or OWB on the made-in-USA Carbon Carry Belt or the leather-nylon hybrid EDC belt, both designed to hold the extra weight of a gun and spare mags. Carry a gun, carry medical, right? Stash med supplies in the Medical Pouch that attaches to your belt, the Range Bag, or the Expandable Backpack. Finish off your EDC needs with pocket-friendly Surefire and Streamlight illumination tools and a Kershaw folding knife. All your EDC needs in one place.