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Propper Molle Pouches

Quickly and easily convert your bag with convenient pouches and sleeves that fasten to the inside and outside of your bag with MOLLE and hook and loop. Make your bag work for you, from the Range Bag to the Expandable Backpack, set your carry up the way you like it with pouches like the Hydration Sleeve for those long hikes and flashlight pouches for any bag. Plus, we carry pouches that attach to armor carriers to keep radios and spare mags ready at your fingertips. Carry quick-access medical supplies with the SOF Medical Pouch and General Purpose Pouch. Whatever your mission calls for, there’s a pouch for that.

Molle Pouches FAQs

What does MOLLE stand for?

MOLLE, which is pronounced like the name Molly, is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is a system of backpacking and loadbearing equipment that is used by the US Army as well as other NATO member forces. It uses the PALS webbing system of attachment. PALS, which stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder System consists of weaving 1” wide webbing attached to pouches through 1” webbing on the pack or vest and is the standard of tactical pouch management. MOLLE is commonly used in discussing the attachment system, such as MOLLE pouches, when it would actually be more correct to call them PALS pouches.

What are MOLLE pouches used for?

The pouches that use the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) of attachment, which is commonly associated with the MOLLE system of military loadbearing equipment are effective due to their modularity and flexibility. By standardizing the attachment process with 1” wide bartacked webbing, the variety and placement of compatible pouches is almost infinite. This allows the tactical operator to place his or her equipment on their vest or pack at the spot of their choosing for easy access. These MOLLE pouches can be quickly added or removed when mission requirements change. This allows for one backpack or vest to become customizable for many different situations.