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Tired of armor that works against you? Propper armor is different. Stay comfortable and protect with the independent panels that move with you and close the gaps found in typical armor design. Whether you want a traditional 2-panel clamshell design or the innovative 4-panel style, Propper’s NIJ-certified armor fits your concealed ballistic protection needs with vests built to move with you and keep you comfortably protected against pistol threats all shift long. The traditional 2-panel Fury is the vest you’re used to, but better, with excellent coverage all the way around, and admin pouch on the front, and up to Level IIIA protection. The revolutionary 4PV and 4PV-FEM offer full wraparound protection with the addition of cummerbund ballistics to reduce the vulnerable side gap found in other vests. Customize a Duty Uniform Armor Carrier to match your uniform to wear any of our concealable armor on the outside.