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Propper ACU Uniform

Propper’s authentic ACU uniform – including coat, pants, shirt, and additional gear – is sewn to military specifications and approved for active duty by the U.S. Army. Our official ACU jacket, pants, and other apparel are built to last and provide optimal flexibility and functionality no matter how challenging conditions are in the field. Enjoy a full range of features, such as ample storage pockets. Made from the latest high-tech materials that are fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant, as well as liquid- and stain-repellent, Propper ACU uniforms match toughness with comfort and come in multiple pattern options. Find a variety of ACU hats, including highly durable and well-fitting patrol caps, boonies, and helmets. Our ACU coat and pants selection includes options that are flame-resistant and NIR compliant.

The rave reviews for our ACU uniforms from active-duty personnel speak for themselves. The Propper Army Combat Uniform has been battle-tested by the U.S. Department of Defense for many decades, and we know what it takes to make military apparel that doesn't let you down in the heat of combat, or just the heat of a long desert patrol. Outfit yourself in our gear and achieve peak performance when you need it most.

Propper ACU Jackets, Pants, and Shirts

Our ACU fatigues are specially designed for active duty in arid climates. Propper ACU jackets are sewn to FQ/PD 14-04A specifications for dependable durability and offer multiple fabric options, such as 50/50 NYCO ripstop, Battle Rip® 65/35 poly/cotton ripstop, or Milliken ResQ™

FR Ripstop. Approved by the military for those on active duty, the ACU coat offers either the OCP or Multicam® pattern.

ACU pants are also approved for use in the U.S. military and are crafted to mil-spec PD 14-05A. With 8-pocket designs, high capacity ACU pants retain their streamlined look through felled inseams, outseams, and seat seams.

A variety of fabrics allows us to create ACU shirt and pants designs that are well-suited for sweltering weather. You’ll find our IHWCU (Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform) made with more breathable and quick-drying fabric than the standard ACU, while extra reinforcement around high-stress areas retains durability.

ACU Is the U.S. Military Standard

The ACU was released in 2004 as a successor to the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform). Ground crews in Iraq were issued a CCU or Close Combat Uniform, which improved upon the then-standard DCU (Desert Camouflage Uniform) and had new features like chest-worn rank insignia, velcro fasteners on the shoulder pockets, and an updated collar.

All of these changes were made permanent with the release of the ACU (Army Combat Uniform). First bearing the Universal Camouflage Pattern, this military uniform was eventually updated in 2015 to include the Operational Camouflage Pattern, which is the standard of the U.S. military today.

Propper ACU Uniforms

Not only can you find military-spec pants and jackets, but Propper also offers patrol caps, boonies, and boots to complete your uniform. Also find fleeces that operate as mid or outer layers to increase the year-round wearability of your uniform.

Propper has been serving military personnel for over 50 years. Over that time, the standards and technologies have stepped up their game, and so have we. Find up-to-date fatigues in our ACU uniform collection.