Tactical Gear

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Can civilians buy tactical gear?

Yes, civilians can buy tactical gear for any reason they choose where local laws allow it. Tactical gear can be very useful in home defense, practical use when in the outdoors for survival gear, and even in shooting sports. There are many reasons beyond costumes that civilians may want to own and use tactical gear in their day-to-day lives.

What is the purpose of tactical gear?

Tactical gear is clothing and equipment that is purpose built for protective or defensive tasks. Tactical features on otherwise everyday items such as backpacks, duffles, shirts, pants, headwear, belts and shoes, add functionality and durability needed for these tasks. Tactical functionality, such as pants adding magazine pockets or bags that have PALS/MOLLE attachment points for additional pouches, should be trained with so their usage becomes a part of your routine.

Can you wear tactical gear in public?

Civilians can wear tactical gear in public in accordance with local laws in the United States. However, many people feel that the use of tactical gear in otherwise civilian environments gives away the training and awareness you have for dealing with tactical situations. This may identify the person wearing tactical clothing as a potential target. More and more people are opting for less overt tactical gear and clothing to have more of a ‘grey man’ appearance.

What is considered tactical gear?

Tactical gear is anything that a person may wear or carry that will aid them in the carrying out of defensive or protective tactics against an impending threat. Tactical gear is purpose built product used as part of a person’s everyday carry or a part of their clothing with special features integrated which aid in typical tactical concepts such as concealment, range of movement, weapon concealment and accommodation, and durability.