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  1. EMS | Propper® Men's EdgeTec Polo
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  2. EMS | Propper® Packable Waterproof Pant (CLOSEOUT)

EMT Uniform, Paramedic Uniform by Propper

EMTs, Paramedics, and all those who commit themselves to the service of others deserve the respect of the community. They also deserve EMT uniforms that are comfortable, functional, durable, and built right to the core. Propper EMT uniforms provide EMS professionals with the apparel they want to wear. Nearly every item in our lineup is ideal for those who need durable and lightweight uniforms to meet the demands of the job - not just a uniform standard.

Paramedic Uniforms

Paramedics and EMTs alike usually share the same uniform standards. This standard generally consists of a long or short-sleeved white polo, black or navy blue pants, a black or navy blue fleece pullover sweater, black tactical boots, and a winter coat.  From there, EMS pants are typically built to be industry-specific with pockets that are optimized for EMS-specific EDC tools and have a durable water repellant coating to repel stains and liquids.

EMS Jackets & Pants

EMS professionals possess a unique set of skills that require a unique uniform that will allow them to operate to the best of their abilities. Propper knows this very well. This is why Propper has developed a collection of EMT pants and EMS jackets to meet the industry’s needs. Most notably, the EdgeTec EMS Pant and the ever-so-popular 1/4 Zip Job Shirt. Both of these items are best-selling items for simple reasons. They are comfortable, functional, affordable, and durable. 

Propper EMS Uniforms & Apparel

When failure is not an option.

Every uniform item in our EMS/EMT collection is ideal for the first responder who needs a comfortable and lightweight uniform to meet the demands of the job - not just the demands of the uniform standard. Propper EMT uniforms provide the selfless men and women serving as EMTs and Paramedics with the utility and comfort they want from uniforms at an affordable price. 

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