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Propper Police Boots & Duty Boots

We all know there is no substitute for quality footwear for Law Enforcement Professionals. On duty or on patrol a well-made pair of police boots is a must-have. Propper Police boots are equally popular with law enforcement, public safety professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts. With a variety of styles including high-shaft combat models, low-cuts, side-zips, and waterproof options, we’ve got the right pair that fits your needs.

Police Boots from Propper ensure you won’t slow down when the action heats up. Built to provide excellent traction, arch and ankle support, the right amount of impact cushioning, and a snug, yet comfortable fit. These Police uniform boots are highly durable. Shop this range for duty boots you can depend on, in styles for both men and women.

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Police Boots FAQs

What boots do the police use?

Police officers use Tactical boots that are designed for the rigors of their jobs through focused and specialized engineering. A tactical boot combines both uncompromising durability and support over the course of a long tough lifespan in harsh environments. These boots are designed to last much longer than the typical hiking boot or casual athletic shoe. Commonly chosen for police boots are black tactical boots with full or split grain leather polishable toes and frequently feature a side zip to ease donning and doffing like that is found in the Propper 6” and 8” Tactical Duty line of boots. The best police boots will provide superior comfort and breathability, with quality insole materials like Memory Foam and anti-microbial linings, cutting edge EVA midsole compositions for shock absorption, and rubber outsoles that are quiet and slip resistant.

Are police shoes comfortable?

Police shoes can definitely be comfortable. It starts with finding the correct fit and size. Propper’s Series 100 boots use true US sizing across the entire series to ensure a consistent fit no matter which model you choose. Propper also includes an additional fit aid with every pair of Series 100 boots to ensure if you’re between sizes that you get a perfect fit. Propper Tactical boots use the same technology found in running shoes from high quality midsole and outsole material as well as memory foam insoles to provide a comfortable fit in a boot meant for the roughest terrain and hardest work.

Can I run in police boots?

Yes, although you’d probably have better long-term comfort in an athletic shoe designed for running. However, police tactical boots are designed with the knowledge that LEOs will be running in them as a part of their duties. Tactical boots provide a high level of durability even in the roughest environments. The best options when considering men’s or women’s tactical boots if running or training is the principal action will often use lightweight and breathable nylon or polyester uppers with quality materials used in the insole, midsole, and outsole. Action leather lightweight uppers with polyester reinforcement panels, like those used in Propper’s Duralight Tactical boot will reduce weight and improve breathability, while insole, midsole, and outsole materials will ensure cushioning and support. Traction is also key when running and tactical boots are designed with high grip rubber outsoles for any surface with lugs that shed loose soil and mud buildup easily.