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Propper Uniform shirts for police, firefighters, and more

Propper carries a variety of uniform shirts for law enforcement, firefighters, and other public safety officers. These are specialized items that are purpose-built for comfort, safety, and durability.
These items vary by material and features. Here’s a list of our categories so you can decide which option works best.

Duty shirts

Men’s Duty Shirt

This is the simple, classic uniform shirt for a variety of law enforcement personnel. Propper manufactures its own products, and we produce a durable duty uniform shirt with a clean look. 

The Duty Shirt is a polyester/ripstop blend, which means it’s breathable and rugged. The design of the duty uniform shirt is crisp and professional, with epaulets, a shirt collar with stays, and vertical pintucks on the front and back. Teflon fabric protection also makes it stain-resistant.

You can also carry everything you need — the Duty Shirt includes chest patch pockets with pen slots, an integrated badge holder, and wire pass-through for your communicator.

Men's Duty Uniform Armor Shirt

This is specifically made to be worn with body armor. Propper’s Duty Uniform Armor Shirt has a mesh torso but woven collar and sleeves, so your body stays cool without sacrificing professional appearance. It’s also anti-odor, and it’s resistant to snagging and pilling. Despite all the hours you might spend in body armor, this shirt comes through. 

It also comes with epaulets and badge tab kits, so it always looks professional for law enforcement personnel. 

Flame-resistant clothing

Propper’s uniform shirts include flame-resistant shirts, so firefighters can stock up on gear to stay safe. All Propper’s FR shirts are certified to NFPA 1977 – that is, certified by the National Fire Protection Association for wildland firefighting. (Most are also certified to NFPA 1975, or certified for emergency services work apparel).

You’ll also see a variety of fabric types in our flame-resistant uniforms, such as Tecasafe®, Synergy®, and Sigma™. Those are all proprietary fabrics that have different origins, but all resist melting, dripping, and burning.

Here are a few examples:

The Wildland Fire Shirt (with Tecasafe®)

Tecasafe is an inherently flame-resistant fabric, meaning it can’t lose its FR qualities over time. This shirt also has a three-inch stand-up collar to protect your neck. Bar-tack reinforcements – in other words, a zig-zag stitch – ensure the seams can stand up to rugged conditions.

The Synergy Wildland Shirt

Synergy is a material from Westex Synergy, made with an inherently heat-resistant material called Nomex®. And like the Wildland Fire Shirt, its stand-up collar and bar-tack reinforcements keep you protected and keep the shirt sturdy through many uses. 

The Wildland Overshirt and the Cal Fire Wildland Jacket

These items come with additional design details. They both have features that give you full range of mobility, such as pleated fabric at the back and elbows. Reflective trim helps boost your visibility, while mic clips and a pocket radio help you stash your gear. Nomex® zippers on both ensure your zippers won’t ever slow down or gum up. 

Both are also made with Sigma, a fabric originally developed for the U.S. military, for “improved protection and breathability.” Either jacket is going to keep you optimally safe and comfortable in the midst of a tough job. 

The key difference is in design. While both shirts meet the NFPA 1977 Standard for Wildland and Urban Interface Firefighting, the Cal Fire Wildland Jacket meets the design and construction requirements of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as well. 

For additional options for public safety officers, look for tactical jackets and tactical polos – we also have an array of FR clothing options.