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  3. Tactical Pants | Propper® BDU Trouser – Zipper Fly
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  4. Tactical Pants | Propper® Men's Duty Cargo Pant Twill

Tactical Pants Resources.

Tactical Pants that don't look Tactical

You know the style. Big, baggy pockets on the outside, held closed by large, obvious flaps. Pockets in places normal pants don’t have them.

Stretch Micro Ripstop Tactical Pants

The go-to style for any environment, Propper’s Tactical Pant is a bestseller for a reason. Now offered in three functional fabrics and more colors than ever before.

Tactical Utility for Any Job

The go-to style for any environment, Propper’s Tactical Pant is a bestseller for a reason. Now offered in three functional fabrics and more colors than ever before.

Tactical Teflon Pants

How many times has this happened to you? You throw on a clean pair of pants, head out to the range, grab a fast-food coffee on the way and BAM you spill it on your pants leg.

Summerweight Uniform

Just in time for the warmer months, the Propper Summerweight collection is in. This ultra-lightweight tactical uniform including tactical pants, shirts and shorts is available now.

Summerweight Pants | Lightweight Durability

In midsummer heat, most of us would be more comfortable in shorts. But sometimes it’s necessary to protect our legs from sun, sand, and bugs, or maybe long pants are required by your employer.

Tactical Pants Reviews

Propper Tactical Pants for Men

Whether you are on duty, in the field, or trekking through the woods on your day off, Propper tactical cargo pants are built for you. From warm and rugged cargo pants to something with a lightweight and slim-fit design, Propper has the best tactical pants on the market in many standard uniform colors - such as black, khaki, coyote, sheriffs brown, charcoal gray, olive, ranger, earth and navy blue.

Tactical Waterproof Pants

Men’s tactical pants engineered with moisture-wicking quick-drying fabrics keep you feeling fresher and performing better in adverse conditions. When it comes to Propper’s water repellent protection, genuine Teflon™ is used to repel stains and liquids. Materials treated with this technology repel water and oil to

  • Dry quicker
  • Resists stains
  • Keeps clothes looking newer longer
  • Facilitates easier cleaning

Customer favorites like the Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant and the Propper Kinetic® Men's Tactical Pant are go-to classics that keep you clean and dry in the field.

For a more subdued look, the Propper® Men's RevTac Pant and Propper® Men's EdgeTec Slick Pant are great choices for lower-profile options.

Tactical Cargo Pants

All of Propper’s tactical cargo pants feature ample pocketing for accessories and gear. Cargo pocket styles and configurations are available in many configurations with features such as:

  • Pockets with zipper closures
  • Large gusseted pockets
  • Pockets with internal organizers
  • Low-profile lay-flat cargo pockets
  • Covert pockets with hidden zippers

Enjoy the functionality of thoughtfully designed apparel made from high-performance fabrics in a range of color options.

Tactical Pants with Knee Pad Pockets

It can be hard to find pants that fit your technical needs but don’t look like military tactical pants? This is why Propper offers tactical pants for men with internal knee pad pockets to offer knee pad-ready garments. These kneepad-ready options offer users the ability to run hidden foam knee pad inserts as an alternative to over-the-pant knee pad designs that may not be suitable for all situations. Now a pair of unassuming black tactical pants can be taken to the next level!

A No-Compromise Manufacturing Process

Propper has met the evolving needs of the U.S. DoD for over 50 years, thanks to a no-compromise manufacturing process that ensures every piece of apparel meets exacting standards. We know who we make our products for, and it’s a difference you can feel from the moment you suit up.

Looking for more? Be sure to check out all of our Military Pants, Shorts, Outdoor pants, and Uniform Pants offerings for more options.

Tactical Pants FAQs

What are tactical pants?

Tactical pants are versatile pants known for their durability and utility with stylish options appropriate for on or off the job. A favorite of law enforcement officers and military service members, tactical pants’ features make them the go-to choice for our country’s workforce, hunters, hikers, and anyone looking for their clothes to work as hard as they do. Propper’s line of tactical cargo pants feature: deep, low profile pockets; moisture-wicking fabric; water and dirt resistant fabric; reinforced knees; deep belt loops; as well as a number of industry-specific features.

What are tactical cargo pants?

Tactical cargo pants offer the tactical pant features you love along with deep cargo pockets on the thigh to give you quick access to tools and supplies.

Do tactical pants stretch?

Yes, Propper carries styles that offer stretch for a greater range of motion and flexibility. Propper’s Kinetic Pants are crafted with revolutionary NEXStretch® fabric, a ripstop polyester-cotton blend that stretches as needed and will never tear. The stretch waistband adds an extra layer of comfort and flexibility. Go ahead, bend and stretch in any direction. Need more flexibility in the hips and legs? Propper’s HLX Tactical Pants are made with a blend of stretch and durable fabrics. Integrated stretch panels inside the leg and at hips help you maintain your edge with maximum comfort and mobility.

Are tactical pants waterproof?

Yes. Many of Propper tactical pants are treated with Teflon™ fabric protector that repels stains and liquids or have a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment that resists dirt and moisture.

Are tactical pants lightweight?

Propper offers many lightweight tactical pants made from various breathable materials. Our go-to choice is the Summerweight Tactical Pant in Ultra-light moisture-wicking 4.2 oz 94% nylon / 6% spandex ripstop

Are Propper tactical pants available in Big and Tall sizes?

Because hard work fits all sizes, so do our pants. Propper tactical pants are available to 56” waist and 37” (unhemmed) inseam

Are BDU and tactical pants the same?

While the classic American BDU trousers set the standard for the modern-day tactical pants, most people would not consider BDUs to be tactical due to their lack of modern features that are commonly found on tactical pants today. Instead, BDU Pants are more commonly classified as military-style cargo pants.

What is the difference between tactical pants and cargo pants?

While most tactical pants have cargo pockets, not all cargo pants are tactical due to the general lack of a few key characteristics. Key characteristics of tactical pants are:

  • Constructed using premium ripstop fabrics for prolonged durability and strength
  • Gusseted crotches for increased mobility
  • Teflon™ fabric protector to repel stains and liquids
  • Internal knee pad pockets for foam knee pad inserts
  • Extra-large reinforced belt loops for accommodating gun belts
  • Reinforced pockets for carrying small tools such as knives and flashlights

What are military-style pants called?

Generally, military-style pants can be referred to as fatigues. From there, more specific terms can be used to describe more specific styles of pants such as combat pants, battle dress uniform pants, or service trousers.

Are tactical pants comfortable?

Absolutely! Tactical pants are designed to be performance apparel. A well-fitted pair of pants made from materials suited to the operator’s environment should keep the operator cool and comfortable at all times.