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  1. Corrections | Propper® BDU Trouser – Zipper Fly
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Get your Complete Correctional Officer Uniform

Correctional officers are an essential part of the criminal justice system in the U.S. There are roughly 400,000 COs on the job, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each one has to safeguard themselves, their teammates, and the inmates under their care – day after day, shift after shift.

They need tactical gear, clothing, boots and other accessories to support that work. Propper manufactures all its own products, and we understand the unique needs of our customers. Here’s your list of must-haves for a professional correctional officer uniform:

Shirts and jackets

Propper correctional officer polo shirts are made of durable, professional-looking fabrics. Our jackets are made of rugged materials, with reinforced features. Both shifts and jackets also have functional elements like pockets and storage options integrated into the designs. 


The best correctional officer pants should offer stretch and durability, along with a professional appearance. Propper offers tactical pants with a relaxed fit, stretch waist, and rugged materials such as polyester ripstop. These pants feature multiple pockets and reinforced areas.

BDU pants also have durable, enforced knees and seats, adjustable waists, and button or zipper fly options. Propper’s slick pants provide a low-profile appearance without losing essential features such as reinforced areas and extra pockets. 


Boots are possibly the most important part of a correctional officer uniform. Propper correctional officer boots provide solid construction, with good cushioning and breathability. Some of our boots offer memory foam insoles or removable footbeds. They’re designed to distribute weight evenly to prevent aches and pains.

Breathability is essential, and Propper boots feature moisture-wicking mesh lining or open -air mesh foam to ensure temperature control. 

They also provide excellent support through sturdy uppers with reinforced stitching, helping to prevent injuries. The soles of all Propper boots are rugged to prevent slipping – a common cause of CO injury on the job. They’re also easy to put on and take off: Look for different Propper boots with features such as friction-resistant laces, side zippers, or loops to pull on quickly. 


Caps, belts and other tactical gear accessories complete the uniform. Professional-looking, high-quality items like these are necessary for comfort and protection on the job. Bailout bags are also worth highlighting: Bags with MOLLE compatibility are essential in some correctional facilities, allowing COs to carry their gear with ease.  

(“MOLLE” stands for “modular, lightweight load-carrying equipment.” It is a system that allows you to attach different pouches to your bags, so you can always carry the right mix of gear.) 

Better gear makes for a safer environment

COs have to be observant throughout long shifts. They can do their jobs best when they are comfortable and able to focus on their environments and the inmates under their protection. 

Correctional officer uniforms also need to maintain a professional appearance: Professional attire garners respect from inmates, visitors, and peers, helping create a calmer, safer facility for everyone.