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Propper Tactical Bags

Propper knows that the only thing more essential than having the necessary tools for a tough job is having the best tactical bag to pack them up and take them with you.  Whether your needs call for disaster preparedness, police duty, or a productive day at the range, you'll be sure to find the bag you need in Propper's full line of backpacks, duffles, slings, gun cases, and pouches.

Propper gear bags are strategically engineered for use in high-pressure situations that call for quick access to life-saving equipment, weapons, ammo, and personal protection. Active duty military, police, EMS workers, and security contractors can choose the appropriate style, MOLLE attachments, and storage compartments for a customized organized carry every time you head out the door. Our wide selection of pouches is compatible with all bags' MOLLE webbing and is tool-specific to hold the pieces you need immediately. To transport your long gun safely, choose a reliable padded rifle bag. Other tactical bag features include expandable zip systems, deep internal compartments, pocket organizers, adjustable straps, and more.

Decades of Experience

Propper is proud to provide the Department of Defense, as well as law enforcement agencies and security firms, with elite gear bags and apparel. Every Propper duty bag is made with the same no-compromise manufacturing process that we use to make uniforms and other tactical apparel. We strive to do right by the men and women who wear our clothing and depend on our gear. When duty calls, we make sure you're ready.

Tactical Bags FAQs

What is a tactical bag?

A tactical bag is a personal use bag designed with functionality and organization in mind, combined with an overbuilt approach using materials that are far more durable and robust than a typical bag. Additionally, tactical bags are typically engineered with flexibility and modularity in mind, often incorporating the PALS/MOLLE pouch system to allow for additional pouches to be added where and when the user desires.

How to choose a tactical bag?

Tactical bags should be chosen for how they match up to the activities you’re using them for. Starting with size, if the bag is used to hold supplies and rations for multiple days, it is going to need to be much larger than if it is meant to hold what you need for a quick afternoon activity. Another key component is the weight of the bag. A bag made from the most robust 1000D Nylon material is going to be the most durable and longest lasting, but will be much heavier than a 500D nylon bag or even a polyester ripstop lightweight bag. Again, the use of the bag is key. Are you going to be keeping the bag in the trunk of the car like a piece of luggage where weight is not that important or are you going to be actively moving with the bag on your person where being lightweight is much more important? Once you know the size you need for volume and the material you need for mobility, choose the best quality bag you can afford so that you know it will last as long as possible and not fail during use.

What do you carry in a tactical bag?

Tactical bags can be used as bugout bags, where they are loaded up with rations and supplies for a quick exit from your current environment should something go wrong and you cannot return for some time. Tactical bags may be used as ‘get home’ bags where you stock all the necessary supplies to get from an outside location back to your home where you have the bulk of your supplies. In this case, tools and supplies to survive a trek to safety are important. Tactical bags can be used to support your weapons platform, either as a range bag or as a mobile weapons safe. Tactical bags are designed to be flexible and modular so that you can customize them for the specific trip or task you need them for. They’re designed to be durable to give you peace of mind that nothing will go wrong with their construction during the activity as well.