Offering the ultimate combination of function and safety, our heat-resistant Wildland fire pants and shirts are constructed with advanced fabrics that are UL-certified to meet the NFPA® 1977 standard for protection against adverse environmental effects.

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Made of Tecasafe® Plus fabric, these shrouds are soft, breathable, and offer superior moisture management properties while also retaining their color and inherent fire resistance even after extensive industrial laundering. Propper Full Face Protectors are constructed with a hook and loop that is compatible with Morning Pride and Bullard style helmets.


Wildland Pants

NFPA® 1977 & 1975 Certified

The Propper® Wildland Pant is certified for use by the USDA Forest Service and made of Synergy® fabric, a blend of Nomex®, Kevlar and anti-static fibers. Nomex® is an inherently flame-resistant fiber and has been a leader in heat and flame protection for more than 45 years.

Wildland SHIRTS

NFPA® 1977 Certified

The Propper® Wildland Shirts are certified for use by the USDA Forest Service, delivers excellent fire protection. Its inherent FR protection will never wash out or wear off and is hypoallergenic due to the exclusion of chemical finishes and coatings.

Available in 2 options:

  • Synergy® fabric
  • Tecasafe® Plus 580 fabric

Wildland Overshirt

NFPA® 1977 & 1975 Certified

This long-waisted high-visibility overshirt has a stand-up collar and keeps flames at bay by providing excellent coverage.

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Wildland Overpant

NFPA® 1977 & 1975 Certified

The Propper® Wildland Overpant is constructed of 7 ounce Sigma™ FR fabric for proven reliability and flame resistance. Keep flames at bay and be seen in these overpants from Propper!

Extrication Suit

The Propper® Extrication suit gives full body coverage and protection when exposed to elements like broken glass, sharp metal edges, contaminates like gas or oil, and fire. Durable padded forearms and knees, FR reflective trim, along with well organized pockets make for a highly functional ARC-rated coverall.

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Wildland Firefighter Clothing by Propper

Handcrews, Hotshots, Smokejumper, and anyone else who commits themselves to the protection of others deserve the respect of the community. They also deserve uniforms with the utmost comfort, function, and durability. Propper’s wildland firefighter uniforms provide the brave men and women on fire lines with the apparel they want to wear. Nearly every item in our lineup is ideal for those who need durable and lightweight uniforms to meet the demands of the job - not just a uniform standard.

Wildland Firefighter Pants & Shirts

Propper manufactures wildland brush pants and wildland shirts that meet NFPA standards and are sewn to military specifications. This means you can trust that you are getting a durable and reliable product at a price you would expect from Propper. When you need flame retardant brush fire gear that is equal parts adaptable, durable, and professional, Propper wildland fire pants & wildland fire shirts are made to fit your needs.

Dual Compliant Wildland Pants

Dual-compliant wildland station pants allow urban-based emergency service personnel to respond to wildfire calls faster by removing the need to change into green wildfire-specific fire pants. This makes dual compliant fire pants ideal for personnel that frequently find themselves on calls at the rural/urban interface. So, when being certified NFPA 1977 Standard for Wildland Fire Fighting and NFPA 1975 Standard for Protective Station Wear matters most, turn to Propper® Dual-Compliant Wildland Station Pant.

Wildland Firefighter Clothing By Propper

Propper has met the evolving needs of the military and first responders of all kinds for over 50 years, thanks to a no-compromise manufacturing process of apparel and gear. We know who we make our products for, and it’s a difference you can feel from the moment you gear up. All wildland firefighter clothing is made with the level of care dedicated servicemen expect. Intuitive features, quality fabrics, and innovation are integrated into every garment for unbeatable form and function that looks as good as it feels. Over 120 million garments made. And we’re not done.

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