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Army Hot Weather Uniform by Propper

To make the extreme conditions of a deployment more bearable, the U.S. Army has released a lightweight, breathable alternative to the standard Army Combat Uniform. Maintaining the same Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) as the standard ACU, the Army Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform, or IHWCU, was developed. Initially issued back in mid-2019, all Army personnel in hot or wet environments have the option to wear these alternative uniforms.

Army IHWCU (Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniforms)

Developed for the modern battlefield by borrowing tech from the latest athletic apparel, the Propper IHWCU is engineered to maximize airflow, be quick-drying, and allow excess body heat to escape easily. From there, having the ability to go from drenched to dry in 30-minutes means the IHWCU is sure to be a popular choice for anyone deployed in an adversarial climate for years to come.


The IHWCU is a lighter weight, more breathable uniform when compared to the standard ACU. Specifically, two key differences between the IHWCU coat and standard ACU coat are that the IHWCU coat doesn’t have breast pockets and also features “raglan” style sleeves. Both of these key details reduce bulk and increase comfort in favor of the IHWCU over the standard ACU.

Can a soldier mix IHWCU with regular OCP ACU?

According to paragraph 4 section 4 of the Army Regulation 670–1, “Soldiers will not mix the outer elements of the IHWCU and ACU. There is no change from the current ACU uniform guidance in paragraph 4–3. As of 1 June 2019, all Soldiers are authorized to wear the IHWCU.”

Supplying the U.S. Army with Uniforms for Over 40 Years

Propper has been supplying the Department of Defense with combat uniforms for decades. All hot weather uniforms represent the latest evolution in a long line of authentic U.S military apparel. Feel the difference in expertly made premium apparel and military boots that have what it takes to serve your needs as you serve others.