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  1. Boonie Hats | Propper® Summerweight Wide Brim Boonie

Military Boonie Hats By Propper

What started in 1967 as a single contract to make the iconic white Dixie Cup uniform hats for the U.S. Navy turned into five decades of dedication and hard work as we grew to become one of the largest single providers of US military hats in the country. 

Authentic U.S. Military Boonie Hats

Today, Propper produces the standard authorized OCP Boonie Hat for the U.S. Military. Whether you’re looking for a military boonie hat or a USAF approved hat, Propper has you covered with two variations specific for active duty use:

  • 50/50 NYCO ripstop AND 57/43 Hot Weather 
  • Both meet military specification MIL-H-44105B
  • AR670-1 approved in OCP
  • AFI 36-2903 approved in OCP

From there, if you’re looking for any other authorized uniform components such as OCP uniform pants, OCP uniform coats, patrol caps, combat boots, or A2CU flight suits, the Propper military collection has you covered.

Men’s Boonie Hats

Military headwear is gender-neutral. With that said, references to men’s boonie hats are usually referring to extra large-sizing. Propper has exactly what you need to end your “Boonie Hat XL” search with an inventory of XL hats ranging up to 7 7/8ths.

XL Sizing:

Size Head Circum. (Inches) Head Circum. (Centimeters)
7 5/8 23 7/8 60.6425
7 3/4 24 1/4 61.595
7 7/8 24 5/8 62.5475

Camo Boonie Hats

Propper goes beyond the standard OCP camo pattern in an effort to bring enthusiasts and professionals from every industry multiple options to choose from when searching for a camo boonie hat.

Common camouflage patterns we carry are:

  • Asian Tiger Stripe
  • 3-Color Desert
  • Woodland
  • Woodland Digital

What are the loops for on Boonie Hats?

The banding or webbing material sewn around the crown of the hat is known as “branch loops”. These loops are traditionally used for natural vegetation to be woven into the hat in order to increase overall concealability.

#1 Choice for Tactical Boonie Hats

If you’re looking for the best Boonie hat on the market, Propper has the mil-spec hats with superior fit and comfort you can trust when you need it most.

At Propper, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading products and customer-first way of doing business. We are proud to serve those who serve our country. Whether you’re on active duty or a civilian tactical enthusiast, rely on Propper for the innovative products you need.