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Propper Military Pants, Camouflage Pants

Propper’s military pants are made to meet the strict standards of the United States Armed Forces. All military personnel require high-performance gear to meet the challenging demands of the field. Choose from an extensive collection of military camo pants in official patterns including OCP, Woodland, and Digital variations. Solid colors are also available. Get the quality, comfort, and professionalism that comes with every pair of compliant ACU, FRACU, and BDU pants in the collection. Purpose-driven features include felled seams, ample storage, reinforced knees, durable drawstring leg closures, and ripstop wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

Authentic U.S. Army Pants

Propper manufacturers current and former Army-issued ACU cargo pants. Whether you are looking for current issue OCP ACU pants or former issue BDU pants, Propper manufacturers multiple styles and variations of authentic U.S. military cargo pants. As such, Propper carries current issue OCP ACU pants in fire-resistant and IHWCU variants for those in need of current military issue NIR-compliant military trousers.

U.S. Military Pants Supplier for Over 40 Years

Propper has been supplying the U.S. military with gear and clothing for over four decades and outfitted over 30 million individual servicemen and women during that time. All Propper’s military uniform pants represent the latest evolution in a long line of authentic NIR-compliant combat pants. Feel the difference in expertly made premium apparel that has what it takes to serve your needs as you serve others.

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Military Pants FAQs

What is the difference between BDU and ACU pants?

BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform and is the tried-and-true original military camouflage uniform. Since then, it has been replaced in every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. BDU trousers offer maximum durability in a classic style and are a budget-friendly, on-the-job option for law enforcement officers and security personnel. The ACU, or Army Combat Uniform, became the standard issue for soldiers serving during the War on Terror. Both pants are available in your choice of fabrics and both the BDUs and ACUs feature felled seams and drawstring leg closures. BDUs also have adjustable waist tabs and six pockets. The ACU pants in the OCP (Occupational Camouflage Pattern) are currently worn by today’s soldiers and feature eight pockets including two forward-tilted cargo pockets and two bellowed storage pockets on the calf.

Can civilians wear BDU or ACU pants?

Yes. Civilians can wear BDU and ACU pants. It is important to note that the impostor behavior of wearing a military uniform with any rank, insignia, patches, badges, medals, or ribbons that were not earned during military service is considered stolen valor and in some cases, a criminal act. While BDU pants are no longer worn by the U.S. Military, the Woodland Camouflage print is practical for any outdoor adventure. Whether you are a Veteran who appreciates the utility of ACUs, an enlisted soldier adding pieces to your wardrobe, or a civilian looking for pants with an unmatched utility design, Propper has your gear. 

Can I wear ACUs from Propper on active duty?

The updated Propper® ACU Trouser in OCP (Occupational Camouflage Pattern) is an authentic military garment approved for active duty use by the U.S. Army. This trouser is crafted specifically to meet or exceed strict military standards for extreme protection.

Choose the pants to meet your needs in the field.

Propper® ACU Trouser is available in different fabric blends and patterns. The nylon/cotton ACUs are NIR compliant while the Battle Rip® poly/cotton option is perfect for all weather conditions. Sewn to military specifications GL/PD 14-05A

Propper® ACU Trouser – FR is flame-resistant, exceeding ASTM D6413 FR standards, and NIR compliant making soldiers more difficult to detect with near-infrared image converters. GL/PD 07-12

Propper® IHWCU Trouser is a lightweight, breathable, quick-drying alternative to the standard issue ACU trouser used by the U.S. Army. The Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform is constructed with nylon/cotton ripstop fabric that can go from drenched to dry in 60 minutes. Sewn to military specification GL/PD 15-05E.

Are solid color BDUs the same style and fit as the camouflage pants?

Yes. BDUs are available in ten color and pattern options and three fabric choices and all provide the same reliable fit as the battle-tested classic woodland camo pants. The popularity of the design and durability led us to offer additional colors to use in all environments, inside or out. Additionally, the Uniform BDU Trousers are available with a zipper fly and without the reinforced seat. The BDU pants are one of the few styles with drawstring leg closures, a favorite feature when worn with tactical boots.

What is the difference between ACUs, BDUs, and tactical pants?

ACUs, BDUs, and tactical pants are all designed to provide functional support no matter where your mission takes you. BDUs are tried-and-true affordable pants. ACUs are designed and stress-tested for today’s warfighters. Tactical pants combine the durability and utility of BDUs and ACUs with stylish options appropriate for on or off the job. All pants have deep cargo pockets and durable fabric options with different styles to address your needs on the job.

Does Propper sell shirts, hats, and accessories that match with the ACU and BDU pants?

Yes. You can purchase matching tactical shirts, jackets, and hats to be worn with the ACU or BDU pants you choose. Propper has been a proud supplier of the U.S. Department of Defense for more than 50 years. Our military clothing offerings have you covered.