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Propper Correctional Officer Boots

For correctional officers, boots are the most important part of the uniform. COs need to stay comfortable and ready for anything during long shifts. After all, nobody can do their best work on aching feet.

Propper correctional officer boots are adjustable, comfortable, and tough. But your own needs may vary. Here are some things to think about as you select the best boots for correctional officer uniforms:


Long hours on your feet can lead to serious problems if you have low-quality footwear. Protect your feet, back, joints and knees with a solid sole and good cushioning.

All Propper correctional officer shoes have sturdy soles, but details vary between our brands. The Series 100 boots have a memory foam insole. The lightweight Duralight tactical boots have a removable, contoured footbed.

Propper engineers its boots to distribute your weight equally, so you can better avoid aches or blisters. Padded collars on several varieties make sure your ankles and shins stay comfortable and blister-free.


No sweaty feet here! Work boots for correctional officers have to keep you cool all shift long. Our boots have leather or nylon uppers for a professional look, but they’re still breathable.

Moisture-wicking mesh lining or open-air mesh foam helps circulate air and lowers the temperature. (The Series 100 boots have also been treated with Aegis® so they smell fresher longer.) 


Great support is essential to protect your feet and ankles. One important feature of all quality tactical footwear is a composite or metallic shank embedded in the midsole. This gives structural rigidity to the boot and prevents twisting or flexing under foot on uneven ground.

We also have well-made, sturdy uppers, with reinforced stitching throughout. These supports can help you prevent injuries. Propper’s multiple options let you select the boot height that supports you best.

Solid support is also important in case of emergency situations. COs have to be ready for anything. Weaker materials and construction will fall apart on you. But reinforced soles can support your feet, while durable uppers help you go from standing to pivoting and running in an instant, without missing a step. 


Especially in cases of emergency, you need to move fast. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health notes that COs often get injured from slipping or falling as they react to emergencies. That’s why tactical boots for correctional officers must have excellent traction. Our rugged soles ensure you’ll be able to go into action immediately. 

Oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsoles will keep you on your feet. These soles absorb impacts and give you the confidence to carry yourself without worrying about accidental falls. Look for the rubber sole of our Tactical Duty Boot for more athletic performance.


Any Propper boot is going to look professional – your preferences may vary based on your overall uniform goals. You can go for the classic appearance of the military-style work boot. Or, you may prefer the low-profile look of the Tactical Duty Boot. Our Series 100 has a variety of heights for you to choose from, in case you have specific requirements.

Ease of pulling on/taking off

How easy is it to pull on and lace up your boots? Nobody wants to struggle into their footwear every day.

We made it easier with friction-resistant laces across all our brands. Our tactical boot varieties have a quick-pull finger loop so you can slide your feet in easily. Our side-zipper Series 100 makes it far quicker to get your boots on, so you can mobilize right away.

Boots for COs are just one piece of necessary gear: Review other correctional officer gear, including plate carriers, to completely outfit yourself.