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  1. Outerwear | Propper® Packable Waterproof Pant (CLOSEOUT)
  2. Outerwear | Propper® Full Zip Tech Sweater
    Full Zip Tech Sweater
    $59.99 $29.99
  3. Outerwear | Propper® Cold Weather Duty Fleece
    Cold Weather Duty Fleece
    $69.99 $34.99

Propper Police Jackets & Uniform Sweaters

The job doesn’t stop when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Protect yourself from the cold, wind, and rain in Propper’s full line offering of outerwear and fleece. Propper has value priced police jackets and outerwear with features law enforcement officers need when patrolling on cold winter nights as well as packable options and high visibility reversible jackets for impromptu traffic duty in the rain. Any season, any climate, Propper has it covered. And when Propper has you covered, we’re covering you with modern technical fabrics that offer the best in windstopping, water shedding, lightweight performance. All of Propper’s jackets are embroidery, patch, heat transfer and screenprint friendly for customization to your department’s requirements. Propper outerwear products are not just police uniform jackets and fleece fire department job shirts. They are perfect for security officers, construction, landscape maintenance, as well as anyone else who needs protection from the weather while performing their job.

Police Jackets FAQs

What kind of jackets to police officers wear?

A police officer spends a lot of their shift exposed to the elements whether it be warm and rainy or cold and windy. In order to stay focused, calm and comfortable while carrying all their duty gear, police officers need high quality technical outerwear. These jackets must be lightweight and breathable to keep them from overheating while wearing body armor and carrying their gear. But, they also need to be durable and functional so that they continue to be rain and wind resistant season after season. Some key LE features found on many of Propper’s outerwear items include side zippers so the officer can access their firearm while their jacket is zipped up and detachable hoods that won’t become a grab hazard during a close encounter.

Do police officers wear leather jackets?

Motorcycle officers typically wear leather jackets. The leather provides a lot of protection in case of a fall. Most patrol officers have moved on to wearing more technical outerwear made of either a waterproof hard shell or a water resistant but comfortable soft shell. These jackets provide maximum durability and professionalism while being lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. These jackets also build in all the modern features LE professionals need to help with their job, including drop panels, side zippers for firearm and duty belt access, and even quiet magnet close pockets for no look opening and closing.