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  1. Outerwear | Propper® M65 Field Coat
    Customer Favorite
  2. Outerwear | Propper® Tactical Vest
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    Tactical Vest
  3. Outerwear | Propper® USCG Foul Weather Trouser II
  4. Outerwear | Propper® Full Zip Tech Sweater
    Full Zip Tech Sweater
    $59.99 $29.99
  5. Outerwear | Propper® Packable Unlined Wind Jacket

Propper Tactical Outerwear for Men

When the temperature starts to fall, the tough stand up in premium tactical outerwear. All Propper jacket styles are as professional and sleek as they are practical and rugged. Law enforcement and military personnel, private security forces, and other tactical-minded individuals will find the ideal style to keep warm both on and off duty.

Choose from a well-rounded collection of field coats, tactical vests, parkas, and full-body flight suits with features including ample storage, ergonomically friendly handwarmer pockets, side seam zips, mic clips, and so much more. Propper is known globally for our durable designs, customer-first service, and innovation. It’s a dedication you can feel in every fabric and seam from our lightweight tactical fleece to our warmest Gore-Tex jacket.

Tactical Outerwear by Propper

Our outerwear is built for action in all weather conditions. Propper has been a leading supplier of gear and apparel to the Department of Defense for over 50 years. We’re highly calculated when it comes to what we make, how we make it, and who we make it for. In a high-intensity, cold-weather situation, the smallest detail can make all the difference, and we know this better than anyone in the industry.