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Propper OCP Uniform

OCP uniform is the camo pattern adopted by the US military forces. Originally codenamed Scorpion W2, OCP was adopted as ACU by the US army forces in the year 2015. By the year 2018, the US Air Force also adopted the operational camouflage pattern (OCP). The Air Force OCP Uniform replaced the then-existing ABU (Airmen Battle Uniform), which was worn by the Air Force for over a decade. The Air force OCP uniform is expected to be worn by all airmen and Space Force guardians by the end of April 2021. The tiger-striped ABU and sage green boots have now been completely replaced with OCP uniforms and the coyote brown boots for all airmen.

While ACU and Air Force OCP uniforms are very similar, the Air force OCP uniform uses spice brown for all patches and rank insignias, except for the ranks of first lieutenant and lieutenant colonel. The US space force has also adopted the OCP uniform similar to the one worn by ACU and Air Force. The difference in the US Space Force OCP uniform is that it uses a blue thread for ranks and tapes.

OCP has replaced the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), which was earlier used by the US Army Combat Unit. Now, OCP has become the new widely accepted camo pattern for the US military, with the exceptions of Navy and Marine Force, which still use their distinct camo patterns. The MultiCam variant and the Scorpion W2 variant get commonly confused as they have very similar camo patterns. MultiCam is the trade name of a camo pattern that was not accepted by the US as its military camo pattern. The Scorpion W2 variant was adopted and therefore, is now the new OCP.

What does OCP stand for?

OCP stands for Operational Camouflage Pattern. Different branches of the US military have adopted different camouflage patterns. While the US Air Force has the same camouflage pattern as the US army, Navy and Marines plan to use their own characteristic camo patterns. The OCP uniform for US army forces has a combination of softer earthly colours which blend together to serve as a good camouflage technique.

How are ACU & OCP related?

OCP (Operation Camouflage Pattern) is the new uniform adopted by the US military forces in the year 2015. OCP is now used as the main camouflage pattern on Army Combat Uniforms (ACU). ACU is the uniform of the US army forces that changed from MultiCam pattern to OCP in the year 2015. While MultiCam had sharper colors, OCP uniforms are much softer in color.