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FR Clothing by Propper

Propper is a leader in manufacturing FR clothing, providing comfort and safety at an unmatched value across the stationwear and military markets. With NFPA 1975 and NFPA 1977 certified options for military and civilian applications, at Propper we’ve made it our mission to meet the specifications for stationwear and wildland applications. From 27/P Nomex Flyers Coveralls for pilots and aircrews to the wildland “greens and yellows” for the National Forestry Service, Propper’s offering of authentic flame resistant clothing covers the backs of our nation’s protectors.

Propper has relationships with premier suppliers of FR proven fabrics and trims to make sure that the materials we use are the best quality and longest lasting while meeting or exceeding these critical safety specifications.

FR clothing FAQ: Materials, features and more

Firefighters must have high-quality, flame-resistant clothing and gear to do their jobs safely and well. 

You need to have confidence in your flame-resistant clothing and know you'll be protected. You also want to be as comfortable as possible while working in tough conditions. Propper carries a variety of FR-rated clothing, made of the top-rated materials for professionals in fire-prone environments.

Here’s a guide of some of the terminology for FR clothing so you can buy the right outfit for the job.

What is NFPA certifications?

You’ll see some Propper FR clothing as “Certified to NFPA 1977 or “Certified to NFPA 1977 and 1975.” That means it meets the National Fire Protection Association minimum requirements for certain types of work.

NFPA 1975 : Standard on Emergency Services Work Apparel 

NFPA 1977 : Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Firefighting and Urban Interface Fire Fighting. 

For example, testing company ArcWear says, "NFPA 1975 is used for the design, performance, testing and certification of nonprimary base materials used in emergency services work apparel. The standard establishes minimum requirements for flame-resistant station uniform clothing to check that it will not contribute to injury." 

Propper’s wildland shirts, overshirts and pants are all certified under either NFPA 1977, 1975, or both. 

What is Nomex?

Lots of Propper FR clothing includes Nomex. Nomex is a flame-resistant material developed by DuPont. This flame resistance is an inherent part of the fiber, and can’t be washed or worn away. It’s also highly resistant to chemicals, thermal, and radiation.

In Propper FR clothing, Nomex is often a component of the item. For example, the Wildland Overshirt has a Nomex zipper-front closure to ensure that material won’t melt or drip. The Synergy Wildland Shirt or the Wildland Fire Pant have Nomex incorporated into the fabric. This ensures that the clothing is rugged, durable, and above all, safe.

What is Synergy fabric? 

This is a material from Westex Synergy . This type of fabric has many different types of weaves, but the unifying factor is that it’s made with a type of Nomex. You’ll see Synergy on many Propper Wildland pants and shirts.

What is Tecasafe Plus?

Like Nomex, Tecasafe is an inherently flame-resistant material. The exact mechanism of the material is different, but the result is largely the same: Tecasafe will prevent melting, dripping and burning. The material is also soft and breathable, keeping the wearer comfortable in all environments.

For example, Propper’s Wildland Fire Shirt and the Wildland Face Protector (as well as the Wildland Full Face Protector) are made of Tecasafe to prevent burning. You can remain confident that these items are as safe as possible with a well known material like this. 

One noteworthy element of Tecasafe: It’s highly colorfast, meaning it retains its color even after washes.

Can other traditional materials be flame-resistant?

While most Propper FR clothing has a proprietary flame-resistant material in its makeup, items like our Extrication Suit are made up of a cotton/nylon twill blend. This type of material is also FR rated. That means it protects against flames, contaminants, and sharp glass or metal edges. 

What does it mean to have bar-tack reinforcement? 

“Bar tack” is a zig-zag pattern stitch used to reinforce areas on clothing that typically undergo high stress during work. Our Synergy Wildland Shirt has this type of enforcement, so you can be sure it won’t rip on you. 

What else do I need to consider in FR-rated clothing?

Mobility and comfort are highly important. For example, our Extrication Suit has padded knees and shins to help protect you during difficult jobs. Our Dual Compliant Wildland Station pant and Wildland Fire pant have pleated knees and our Wildland Overshirt has pleated elbows, all for extra mobility. Our Wildland face protectors are lightweight and breathable. 

You’ll also want an array of useful pockets, including radio pockets. We also have mic tabs for comms equipment.