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  1. Military Footwear | Propper Series 300® Boot
    Series 300® Boot
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Propper Military Combat Boots

As one of the largest single suppliers of military uniforms to the U.S. Government, you can count on Propper as your source for military combat boots. Our combat boots are built with the safety and comfort of the modern warfighter in mind. Propper’s Series 100 military boots are the perfect all-around reliable footwear for active duty use or trekking through the backcountry.

Army Boots by Propper

As one of the oldest military contractors for tactical gear and uniforms in the U.S, you can expect Propper to carry AR 670-1 boots. While all AR 670-1 boots follow the same guidelines, they are not all equal. In fact, Propper manufactures both a standard temperate weather version and a waterproof version. Check out this basic list of guidelines for choosing army authorized boots:

AR 670-1 Compliant Army Boot Checklist

  • Coyote tan in color 8 to 10 inches boot height
  • Made of flesh-out cattle hide leather
  • Exterior of the boot upper will not contain a mesh product
  • Plain toe design Rubber and/or polyether polyurethane outsole
  • Outsoles and upper materials are the same matching color
  • Outsole will not exceed 2 inches in height when measured from the bottom of sole
  • Outsole will not extend up the back of the heel or over the top of the toe

More information on Army Uniform Regulation 670-1 can be found in the DA PAM 670-1 details.

Air Force Boots by Propper

While Air Force boot regulations are more relaxed than the army regulations, there are still specific characteristics and features to look for when choosing Air Force OCP Boots. Only coyote brown boots will be worn with the OCP uniforms The soling material will not exceed 2 inches in height Boots will be laced up with plain rounded toe or rounded capped toe with or without a perforated seam A zipper or elastic inserts may be worn; however, if worn, they will be without design Boots can be either with or without a safety toe More information about U.S. Air Force authorized OCP boots and U.S. Air Force Uniform Standards can be found in the AFI 36-2903 Appearance Guidelines.

America’s Supplier of U.S. Military Combat Boots and Uniforms

Propper has been manufacturing and supplying uniform apparel to the U.S. government since 1967. There are no other manufacturers or suppliers of military uniforms and tactical boots that have the history and experience of Propper International. Buy with confidence. Propper stands on our long history of military contracting, has produced tens of thousands of the best military boots, and is dedicated to equipping those who commit their lives to serving others. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Military Boots FAQs

Is wearing military boots illegal?

It is not illegal to wear a piece of military/ tactical clothing. Simply putting on an article or two of tactical clothing can be considered acceptable. Combat boots provide ankle stability and good grip. They can be worn by civilians.

How much do military boots cost?

Military boots come in varied prices based on quality, material, design etc. A decent pair of army boots costs roughly $80 to $150.

Do you buy your own military boots in the military?

The US military issues military boots to its officials. But they may still buy boots of their choice, provided they adhere to the measurements and style requirements.

How to tie military boots?

Soldiers learn rather unique styles in the military. The diagonal lace method is quite popular, as is the ladder lace method and the army method. Once the military boots are laced, tying them in military-style helps provide extra support and a unique look.

Tie a knot on the ankle.

Bring both the sides of the lace together.

Wrap them clockwise around the ankle.

From there, take the remaining part of the lace and tuck it under the first part of the lace. Finally, tuck the two ends in the boot to secure the laces firmly. The aim is not to leave any ends hanging. This method of tying boots ensures both comfort and support.

What boots do the military use?

There are a variety of military boots available. Every branch and unit has its own style. Army boots are generally 8 inches high. They're made of flesh-out cattle hide leather and usually feature a soft toe. Air Force boots, on the other hand, are soft toe boots without height restrictions. While some branches wear soft toe boots, other branches prefer the steel toe ones. Primarily there are two kinds of materials found in military boots: suede and leather.

How to clean military boots?

One could use a damp cloth or a horsehair brush to get rid of any extra dirt or dust from the military boots. For suede tan boots, a coarse brush may be used to scrub away dirt embedded in the suede material. Dish detergent is quite effective in removing stains from suede boots. For cleaning stains from boots made out of synthetic material, an old toothbrush dipped in baking soda and hydrogen peroxide does the trick.

How to style military boots for men?

Military boots are tough, comfortable and versatile. Irrespective of the cut of the jeans, military boots look great with flared, straight, skinny or ankle-length jeans. Whether one tucks in one’s jeans, drapes an oversized jacket or puts on a simple formal suit, military boots go well with anything under the sun. Opt for darker colors to pair with formal clothes. Lighter, brighter hues go better with casuals.

How to tuck pants into military boots?

One may fold the excess pants against the leg, so that it is pressed tightly against the ankle. Then, wear a pair of socks above the pants in order to hold them firmly over the ankle. The socks shouldn't be longer than the boots, and they should have a good elastic at the top. This helps it support and hold the pants firmly. Finally, simply zip, pull or tie the boots over the socks, while the pants are held firmly in place.