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Propper Police Pants (Duty Pants)

Propper has developed a comprehensive line of tactical and police pants that are tailored to fit your department’s uniform needs. Using our legendary Battle Rip 65% polyester 35% cotton ripstop fabric, our best-selling BDUs are the choice of thousands of LEOs worldwide. We offer a wide variety of modern fabrics for our tactical pant offerings as well, from lightweight ripstop, durable canvas, and many with advances such as DWR, UPF protection, and stretch. Many fabrics are available in a cargo pocket version and a 5 pocket slick version, with men’s and women’s sizing throughout. This line runs through a full range of value priced collections from our opening pricepoint Uniform Tactical line to our premium Kinetic collection with Nexstretch fabrics. For the patrol officer, our Duty Cargo Pants for men and women have the features and professional look needed for a Class B uniform. With the largest size scale possible, including special measure custom sizing available for order on most of our woven bottoms, Propper’s offering of tactical and police pants is unparalleled.

Police Pants FAQs

What types of pants do police wear?

Tactical and police pants are manufactured to endure a ton of abuse. Compared to fashion and civilian designs of woven bottoms, pants for police and tactical officers use more robust fabrics that are frequently treated for soil and stain release, water repellency, wrinkle and fade resistance. In addition to the fabrics chosen, the sewing construction must be thought through for maximum durability. Bartacks are frequently placed at any stress points as well as inseams, outseams, and seat seams being constructed with double or triple needle felled or surged to ensure they won’t rip. Reinforcement fabrics like nylon are placed on the edges of pockets where tools and gear often are hung or will rub. Double knees and seat patches are common to increase durability in these high abrasion areas. These police pants need to not only be able to handle the strain that police and tactical officers will put them through during their duties but also need to maintain a professional and crisp appearance after many wears. Depending on the desired appearance, police pants can be made with cargo pockets for a tactical and functional look or with a 5 pocket design for a more professional dress look.

What are police pants made of?

Police pants are made of high quality durable material. Police and tactical officers are hard on their pants in the course of their duties. To ensure that their pants hold up to the job and don’t leave an officer with an embarrassing or even dangerous failure, they are typically made of heavy duty and high quality synthetic materials. Typical fabrics have a high polyester component often with 65% to 100% of the yarn being polyester. Woven polyester twill, ripstop, and canvas materials do a great job bonding to chemical treatments and dyes which mean they can be colorfast, wrinkle, shrink, and water resistant.

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