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  1. 360 Belt
  2. 6-Panel Cap
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Propper Correctional Officer Gear

Best gear for correctional officers

Complete your correctional officer uniform with the right gear: belts, caps, bags and other items that are necessary for the job. Stay comfortable and ready for anything.

Caps for correctional officers can make outdoor shifts much easier. High-quality caps are also much different than typical caps you get off the shelf at regular retailers. Propper correctional officer caps are made of durable materials, like the Six-panel Cap cotton/polyester blend with 3 percent ripstop NextStretch fabric. Sturdy brims and adjustable hook-and-loop straps on the back help complete the item. Stay cool and keep your eyes shaded so you can stay focused.

Belts come in a variety of colors and buckle types. Propper correctional officers' belts have nylon webbing and a thick width for extra support. Quick-release buckles make it easy to put on and take off in a hurry.

Bailout bags with tough construction and plenty of pockets are perfect for the demands of a correctional facility. They have adjustable shoulder straps and flap closures on the pockets. They also have MOLLE-compatible webbing and customization.

MOLLE stands for “modular lightweight load-carrying equipment.” You’ll usually find the designation on backpacks or any type of load-bearing equipment. These are heavy-duty nylon rows that have been sewn into the equipment so you can attach gear.

It’s a simple – but effective – way to efficiently carry anything you happen to need. It’s also standard on all U.S. military gear. Plenty of other professions have found it worthwhile, and it’s become nearly universal for tactical gear of any kind.

Propper correctional officer bags allow for you to attach whatever gear you need for a shift, and to change up your mix of items whenever you need to. These items are created to be durable, protective, and easy to use. They're also an important accessory to make sure COs look professional and in-uniform.

Correctional officers have a tough job. They have to maintain inmate safety – but they have to keep themselves and their teammates safe, too. That requires constant vigilance and the ability to create connections with inmates and their fellow COs. Make sure you have everything you need: a complete correctional officer uniform for optimal safety and comfort.