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  1. Shirts | Propper® Uniform BDU Coat - Twill
  2. Shirts | Propper® BDU Coat - 60/40 Twill
    BDU Coat - 60/40 Twill
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Durable, professional-looking correctional officer shirts

It’s extremely important that correctional officer staff members outfit themselves properly so they can do their jobs well. Correctional officer shirts must be comfortable and rugged. But these shirts also have to provide a professional appearance. 

Propper manufactures its own products, and we design these shirts and jackets so they can meet your specific needs. Propper correctional officer shirts come in a variety of materials, fits, and colors. 

Durable materials

Our correctional officer polo shirts are made of 100 percent polyester pique. “Pique” is a different kind of weave, and it means the material has a thicker, more textured feel. This type of polyester is medium-weight and breathable, so it stays comfortable throughout the day. Pique polo shirts have a more professional look than the jersey polos most people use for everyday wear.

Propper correctional officer jackets are also an important part of the uniform. Our correctional officer uniform jackets come in many different material blends and construction types. For example, the F5450 Uniform BDU is made of 40 percent polyester in ripstop weave/60 percent cotton, made to military specifications. They are tough, with reinforced elbows and felled seams for enhanced durability.

Functional features

Shirts for prison officers and other types of COs also need pockets for carrying items throughout a shift. Propper BDU coats and jackets have front cargo pockets and fused flaps for a clean, professional look. Polo shirts have a pen pocket on the sleeve for extra storage. They also have a sunglass loop in front for when COs must perform duties outdoors.

Professional appearance

Correctional officer uniforms must look professional. Our quality fabrics retain their shape and color so the uniform always looks good, even after years of wear. Polyester pique fabric on our polo shirts has a more formal look than other types of materials. Our military-style coats make COs look professional without sacrificing comfort. 

Finding the right clothing

Comfortable, durable correctional officer shirts help COs do their job better. Officers can think more clearly and react more quickly when they’re comfortable all day. Also: Upholding a professional appearance will help elevate the respect COs gain from the inmates, visitors, law enforcement professionals and others. It’s vitally important that correctional facilities staff members maintain a high level of professionalism as they go about their shifts.

As the American Correctional Association writes, correctional officers are among the country’s greatest public servants – and they don’t get enough credit for all the good work that this job demands. The president of the ACA encourages COs and other members of law enforcement to “Tell the story of the brave men and women who not only ensure a safe and secure environment, but also positively engage those under our supervision to become positive and contributing members of our communities.”

Complete the outfit for top performance

Propper offers a variety of other items for COs. We manufacture and sell correctional officer pants, plate carriers, and accessories to help outfit the entire staff. Explore our other options for boots to ensure COs are entirely comfortable and ready to meet the challenges of the job.