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Tactical Jackets, Coats, and Sweaters

Men’s tactical jackets and coats from Propper are battle-tested and designed to help you perform at your best under the most challenging conditions. Whether you’re active in local law enforcement, a member of the U.S. armed forces who is stationed on the other side of the world, or just hunting and fishing while off duty, Propper has high-performance tactical coats, sweaters, and jackets that are designed to withstand the rigors of bad weather and rough climate conditions, anywhere in the world.

Brave the Elements with a Tactical Winter Jacket

Don’t let your guard drop just because the temperature does! Stay insulated with a tactical softshell jacket that gives you all-day protection while you remain lightweight and agile. Tactical sweaters are resistant to abrasion and pilling, no matter what design style you choose. Fleece jackets are multi-pocketed for ample storage. These products offer numerous compartments for a variety of IDs; proudly display your badge and shield while remaining shielded from frigid weather conditions.

All Terrain, All Seasons, All Missions

Propper continues to be a true pioneer and formidable innovator in the production of gear for the U.S. Dept. of Defense. Our products are tested by real military professionals, and we listen carefully to feedback from the National Tactical Officers Association and others on active duty to make sure our gear serves your needs in the field.

When you're fighting to save lives, the last thing on your mind should be losing the fight to rain, wind, and hail. All jackets, coats, and sweaters are created with a no-compromise approach to give you maximum function and comfort, whether you're on active duty or simply enjoying an active lifestyle. Propper knows that bravery comes in all sizes. For that reason, we offer a wide range of sizes in tactical jackets, from extra small to 5X extra large. Remain a force to be reckoned with by not succumbing to the forces of nature.

Explore our men’s outerwear selection to enhance your performance today.