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Propper Outdoor Pants for Men

“Outdoor pants'' is a term for pants that are designed for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. These can act as hiking pants or work pants – no matter what you use them for, they are rugged, durable, and versatile. They typically include useful features like cargo pockets, adjustable waistbands, and reinforced knees.

What materials are outdoor pants made from?

Outdoor pants from Propper are typically made out of nylon, cotton, and spandex. The goal is to keep wearers comfortable during any outdoor activity, so the materials have to be lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying.

Are these waterproof pants?

Not all outdoor pants are waterproof, but many are water-resistant. Water-resistant pants are designed to repel water and dry quickly, which makes them ideal for activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. 

Propper’s Summerweight Tactical Pant is especially noteworthy for its moisture-wicking properties. Made of 94 percent nylon and 6 percent ripstop, these pants dry fast and they resist rips and tears. 

What clothing is best for hot-weather work?

The best hiking pants and outdoor pants are lightweight and breathable. That means you can protect your legs while staying comfortable in high heat. Look for pants made from materials like cotton or linen, which are breathable in hot weather. These are excellent for sun protection but also keep you cool.

Will these outdoor pants stand up to cold temperatures?

Propper’s Lithos and Aeros pants are lightweight cotton and spandex, a combination that keeps you cool in hot weather but stands up surprisingly well to cooler temps. For very cold temperatures, however, look for pants made from materials like wool or fleece, or layer your pants with thermal underwear or leggings.

What features should I look for in outdoor pants?

Hiking pants, work pants, outdoor pants – whatever you call them, they need to be durable. Propper’s outdoor pants have reinforced areas, such as the double fabric scuff guards on the legs of the Lithos Pant. These pants have a gusseted crotch and articulated knees for extra mobility. 

They also have plenty of pockets – the Summerweight Tactical Pant is outfitted with specialty pockets like mesh front pockets with knife reinforcements, a covert back pocket, plus zippered back pockets. The Lithos Pant, which has a sleeker look, still manages to pack six pockets, including a welt cell phone pocket on the leg.

Be sure to also look for other items to outfit yourself for outdoor work. Propper has tactical polos for warm weather, and sweaters and pullovers for chillier temperatures.