Flight Suits


Propper Nomex Flight Suits

 Every Nomex flight suit from Propper is the product of 50 years of innovation as a leading supplier of the United States Department of Defense. Designed to meet the demands of combat and transport pilots in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps, each Propper flight suit is flame-resistant and built to meet military specification YACL-WP PD 99-01 R for all U.S. flight crews. High-tech Nomex® fabric is lightweight and won’t fade. Sage, tan, and green colors are all NIR compliant, and tested to meet Spectral Reflectance requirements.

Never compromise with sturdy construction finished with purposeful features. The Army, Navy, and Air Force flight suits in this collection are crafted with superior material that is non-melting and breathable to keep you safe without weighing you down. Felled seams and reinforced shoulders add enhanced durability while adjustable waist belts, bi-swing backs, and zippered leg openings offer comfort, range of motion, and secure fits. Six primary pockets and additional accessory pockets allow you to keep everything you need on your person as you take to the sky.

Air Force, Army, and Navy Flight Suits

Propper’s CWU 27/P flight suit is approved for military operations and is available in a wide range of sizes to make sure you get the perfect fit. Our Air Force, Navy, and Army flight suits work right, right when they’re supposed to. We serve those who serve with exceptional military-grade flight suits that will never let you down under pressure.

Flight Suits FAQs

Who can wear a flight suit?

Pilots of military and civilian airplanes, helicopters, and even gliders typically wear flight Suits or flyers coveralls. Flight suits are also often worn by ground personnel, including aircrews, particularly where the potential for a fire exists. In the United States Air Force (USAF), pilots, navigators, combat systems officers, drone / RPA crews, and missile crews may all wear Air Force Tan or Freedom Sage colored flight suits. Air medical teams and private ambulance services often wear black flight suits. 2 Piece flight suits are becoming more common, particularly with the US Army, as the A2CU or Army Aircrew Combat uniform being converted to OCP camouflage in recent years.

How is a flight suit made?

The most common military spec flight suits are made from a 4.5 oz / square yard plain weave fire resistant (FR) material commonly known as Nomex. Nomex is the branded name for an inherently FR Aramid/Para-Aramid/Conductive Fiber blended material. This material won’t melt, drip, or support combustion. Flight suits also use Nomex in their fastners such as zipper tapes and hook and loop. Even the thread sewn in a mil-spec flight suit is made of Nomex.

How much does a flight suit cost?

Inherently FR Aramid fabric is much more expensive than typical fabrics used in consumer clothing. Because of this and the complexity of the garment’s construction, it is typical that a mil-spec, Nomex flight suit will cost well over $150 dollars. Be careful of anything priced lower, it likely will be made of non-FR materials that will not protect a user in a fire event. These are great for costumes but not for the workplace.