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Women's Tactical Gear, Apparel, and Clothing

From the front lines to the firehouse, women's tactical gear from Propper is made for performance, function, and comfort. We have met the evolving needs of law enforcement, military, public safety, and security personnel since 1967, and we're committed to a no-compromise manufacturing standard that will ensure excellence for decades to come. In this collection of women's tactical clothing, you will find everything from ACUapparel, duty cargo pants, and bike patrol shorts, to woven uniform shirts and classic polos. Women's tactical apparel from Propper is more than just men's clothing in a smaller size; these garments are tailored to fit, and move with, your body. Get the job done right with a professional polish and style that won't hamper your speed or full range of motion.

Women's pants from Propper are available in a variety of designs, from sleekly designed tailored cuts to EMS pants that feature up to 17 pockets for all your essential equipment and accessories. Pants with Teflon coating are designed to repel water, stains, and dirt. Reinforced stress areas and pockets are engineered to handle the rigors of duty.

Women's tops include breathable polos and summer weight shirts that are made with anti-odor, moisture-wicking fabric, as well as long sleeve tops, and military-style jackets. As with women's pants, these shirts and coats promise a superb fit and unmatched durability. Added features like mic clips, hidden pockets, breathable underarm gussets, and UV-blocking fabric far outperform any tactical brand competitor.

On patrol, on the beat, or on the weekend, women's apparel from Propper is ready. Suit up with clothing that you can count on when the action starts. Browse an impressive line of shirts, jackets, and pants today.