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    BDU Shirt - Long Sleeve
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Propper BDU Shirts

For over 25 years, Propper has been the commercial leader in BDU shirts and coats for first responders. Our signature Battle Rip 65% polyester 35% cotton ripstop offers superior uniformity, resisting fade and wrinkles and has been the choice of tactical units and other special operations LEO groups worldwide. Available in a 2 Pocket Tuckable Shirt with epaulets and a 4 Pocket Mil-Spec Coat in core LE colors such as black, dark navy, khaki, and olive, Propper can meet your department color requirements. Sizing is not an issue with our BDU shirt line. Propper stocks 17 core alpha sizes, as well as the ability to special order manufacture any other size or length requirements to ensure the entire staff is uniform.

Propper also offers a limited variety of camouflage options in the 4 Pocket BDU Coat, including Woodland and Woodland Digital. Beyond Battle Rip, Propper offers 4 Pocket BDU Coats in a 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester Twill option for cool weather operations and a 100% Cotton option for hot and humid conditions. Whatever the situation, Propper has the BDU Shirt solution your team needs.