Propper is the leading supplier of uniforms to the U.S. military and has outfitted more than 30 million military personnel.


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The Propper® IHWCU (Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform) in OCP is a lightweight, breathable alternative to the ACU used by the U.S. Army made specifically to endure intense heat and other harsh climates.


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ACU fabric & material guide

This guide will help you navigate the differences between fabrics and materials used to construct ACU uniforms.

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Propper Military Uniform

On deployment, your gear and apparel will be put to the test. A leading supplier of the U.S. DoD for 50 years, Propper knows how to manufacture military clothing that fits a soldier’s needs, whether the mission is security, engaging hostile force, or saving lives. From field jackets to uniform pants, caps, boots, and flight suits, the Propper military collection has got you covered.

OCP ACU Uniforms

Every OCP uniform features the official operational camouflage pattern of the U.S. Army. Build your entire ACU with coats, trousers, caps, and helmet covers from Propper’s extensive collection. OCP uniform pieces are available in styles tailored to men and women. Fabric choices include 100% cotton, 50/50 NIR Compliant NYCO, and flame resistant options, all sewn to appropriate military specifications. Every item in this extensive ACU collection represents the pinnacle of modern combat apparel design to handle all the rigors of tour. Thoughtful features and durable construction are built into every piece from pocket placement to range of motion considerations, closure elements, felled seaming, and fade resistance.

Complete Your Propper Military Uniform

Browse our collection for other military uniform essentials, including combat boots, boonies, fleece jackets, crewnecks, and more. Flight crew members can choose from a variety of flight suits that are compliant with U.S. military uniform specifications. Propper military apparel is available in styles and sizes for both men and women.

Propper is a proud outfitter of the U.S. military. Our high standards of excellence are inspired by them, and we are honored to support their sacrifice and success.

Propper Military Uniforms FAQs

How to wash military uniforms?

Washing your military uniform is easy, the instructions are sewn into the garment itself and are the best way to follow to ensure the longest life of the uniform possible. US Military uniforms are made from a variety of materials from knits to wovens, nylon / cotton blends to FR inherent fiber blends. Using the care instructions found in the garment ensures you’re using the best possible method to care for the garment as determined by the fabric manufacturer for the field conditions where the washing will occur. For an ACU garment like the Propper OCP NYCO ACU Coat, the care instructions are as follows. Close all hook and loop fasteners to prevent snagging before washing. Machine wash on cold water using permanent press cycle if possible or hand wash using a mild detergent that does not contain bleach. Rinse completely. Do not wring or twist, use bleach, bleach alternatives, starch or fabric softeners. Dry at low-medium heat. To drip dry, after washing, place on a rust-proof hanger. Do not use dryer sheets. Applying heat to hook and loop fasteners will cause permanent damage. Do not dry clean.

What do the colored bars on military uniforms mean?

The colored bars pinned to US Military uniforms, particularly those pinned on dress uniforms are called service ribbons or ribbon bars. These represent the ribbons on the medals awarded to soldiers for their personal achievements, length of service in the field, as well as unit recognitions. While awarded individually, these are actual medals on a colored ribbon. When displayed on the dress uniform, just the ribbons are pinned in this folded and compact manner.

What are the different military uniforms?

Soldiers in the US Military have both dress uniforms and combat uniforms. Service dress uniforms are the tailored uniforms worn for work on a daily basis, typically consisting of a jacket, shirt, tie and slacks for men and a jacket, shirt, tie and slacks or skirt for women. In the US Army, the dress uniform is called the Army Service Uniform. Each branch of the US Armed Forces including the Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps have a service dress uniform named after the branch. While technically part of the Department of Homeland Security as well as the US Armed Forces, the US Coast Guard also has a service uniform. Camouflage and functional features like cargo pockets typically identify the US Armed Forces combat uniforms. The Army, Air Force, and Space Force all wear the OCP camouflage and the same design of uniform. The Army call it the ACU for Army Combat Uniform, while the Air Force and Space Force simply call it the OCP Uniform. The US Marine Corps wears either MARPAT Woodland or MARPAT Desert camouflage versions of their MCCUU. The Navy has the NWU for Naval Working Uniform which is issued either in AOR-1 for desert and AOR-2 for woodland environments. The Coast Guard does not wear camouflage, instead opting for Coast Guard Navy in their ODU.