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  1. Shirts | Propper® Uniform BDU Coat - Twill
  2. Shirts | Propper® BDU Coat - 60/40 Twill
    BDU Coat - 60/40 Twill
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Professional, Comfortable Security Guard Uniform Shirts

Being visible is a key part of a security officer’s job. Simply by being present and noticeable, an officer creates a sense of safety. A well-equipped security guard can also act as a deterrent to help keep the area safe.

Security uniform shirts have to look professional, but also ensure the security officer is easy to spot. They also need to keep the wearer comfortable in any environment.

Propper’s security shirts come in a variety of polos, and we also offer coats and jackets as part of the uniform. Here’s an overview of what you want to look for in both types of item.

Uniform polos

Propper’s budget-friendly security uniform polos can keep the whole team professionally outfitted. They come in long or short sleeves, and they are a 100 percent polyester pique construction. That means they have a thicker, more textured feel, and provide a more substantial look.

Propper's polo shirts are medium-weight and the fabric is breathable, so security guards can stay comfortable in any environment. These stand up to long hours on hot days, and resist fading and shrinking.

Ribbed knit collars and cuffs provide a more polished look, and they have a pen pocket on the left sleeve and an eyeglass loop on the front.

Propper offers plain polos, as well as a polo option with “Security” already screen-printed on it. When you need to stand out as a security guard, this one does the trick.

BDU coats

Security guard jackets and coats are essential for comfort and professionalism. Propper suggests the traditional military BDU coat, with the classic four-pocket design.

We make these in a variety of fabrics, including cotton/twill and cotton/polyester blends. Every option is rugged and resistant to wear and tear, with durable felled seams throughout.

Your decision on which security guard coat to choose will likely come down to preferences on breathability – cotton blends will be a bit more breathable, while polyester blends are more popular for cold-weather situations.

Look for fused pocket flaps and collar – these give the coat a streamlined look. They also have two-piece, reinforced elbows.

Security guard shirts have to stay comfortable and look professional regardless of the situation, so choose something that will last. And while you're outfitting your team, review Propper's security guard pants, boots, and gear to assemble all the necessities.