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  1. Men | Propper Kinetic® Men's Tactical Pant
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  2. Men | Propper® BDU Trouser – Zipper Fly
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Men's Tactical Clothing, Gear and Apparel

Propper has raised the bar in men's tactical gear and apparel. Designed with law enforcement, public safety personnel, security contractors, and active duty military in mind, our tactical clothes meets the high standards of performance and professionalism these demanding fields require. Rugged, comfortable, and durable, you will be wearing these pieces on and off the job.

Our reputation at Propper is built on a long-standing relationship with the U.S. Department of Defense, providing authentic tactical wear for over 50 years. As their needs evolved, our standards only have gotten better. From ACU trousers and BDU coats to flight suits and tactical vests, we have the full spectrum of military-approved uniform pieces in all official camouflage patterns and solid colors.

Men who serve and defend the public deserve our deepest gratitude, and at Propper, we believe they also deserve the highest-quality clothing and tools to get their job done safely. All Propper clothing for men is made with a no-compromise manufacturing process that ensures excellence in every stitch. Our tactical pieces come in so many styles, fabric weights, and colors, they are bound to make the weekend rotation as well as your next shift.

Mens Tactical Clothing FAQs

What does tactical mean in clothing?

Tactical clothing is the intersection of apparel and equipment; a tool that ensures first responders are able to do their job effectively and efficiently. Tactical clothing is created and then reinforced to support the user at all levels of activity without risk of failure or interference. Tactical clothes are designed with features that are purpose built such as points of attachment or pockets intended to hold the EDC of the job. The person wearing tactical clothes can focus on their task at hand with all their gear easily accessible and in reach.

Why do people wear tactical clothing?

Tactical clothing is ideal for work and training scenarios. When seconds count, having clothing designed to keep all your tools easily at one-hand’s reach is crucial. The durability of tactical clothing ensures that the focus can be on the mission and not on your gear. Tactical clothing is designed to stand up to the requirements of a long shift, no matter the time or place.

Can civilians wear tactical clothing?

Civilians who work and train hard need clothing that will stand up to anything. Tactical clothes have practical features to help keep people organized while getting in those reps. With pockets and attachment points that are practical and useful, time won’t be wasted fumbling for gear needed at a moment’s notice. The durability of tactical clothing ensures familiarity with the gear through repetition. Wear it week after week, month after month, in any rigorous scenario.

What makes something tactical?

Something is tactical when used in a strategic way as a part of a plan for the defense of yourself and others. An ordinary item given enhanced durability and ease of use can become part of a tactical plan or toolkit. Typically, tactical items are flexible and have extra features that allow the user to configure the item for their preferred method of access and use. These items are trained with relentlessly until muscle memory incorporates their placement and usage into instinct.