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Propper Tactical Belts

 Keep your holster, handcuff pouch, spare mags, and other accessories close at the ready with a sturdy but comfortable Propper tactical belt, in colors to match any uniform or tactical pants. From conventional nylon webbing to rugged and dressy leather to unconventional conveyer belt material, Propper’s complete duty belt line offers a wide variety of carry options. From military and law enforcement personnel to emergency responders and beyond, Propper battle belts are designed for maximum utility under the most high-pressure conditions.

Our gun belts have the sleek design you want and the heavy-duty functionality you need.

Ultra-tough 1.5" single layer nylon and full-grain leather are durable enough to stand up to on-the-job demands and stylish enough for a dressy occasion or when wearing a cover garment. All of Propper's belts are tough enough to meet all of your weapon and equipment carry needs.

From duty belts to EDC, rapid release, camo, and more, our belts help you do your job the right way. Choose a streamlined and rugged military belt made from heavy-duty nylon and finished with a molded, TSA and metal detector friendly buckle that holds tight but adjusts easily. Hold your spare mags, holster, handcuff pouch, or any other accessory discreetly with a concealed carry belt that looks like a stylish leather belt but offers the support necessary to carry securely all day long.

Experience comfort and customization with hook and loop adjustment styles and high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum buckles. Standard widths are compatible with commercially available OWB and IWB holsters.

Tactical Belts Built Right

From high-performance belts made from tough nylon webbing to rugged yet stylish leather EDC options, Propper belts never compromise. We are proud to offer gear that stands up to the demands of any mission through thoughtful design and precise manufacturing.

Shop our collection for pistol belts, tactical belts, military belts, and tactical accessories for your EDC belt. We take great pride in what we make, how we make it, and who we

make it for. Propper battle belts are built for men and women who demand the best from themselves and their gear.

Tactical Belt FAQs

What is the thickness of a tactical belt?

The best tactical belts are made of stiff nylon so they don’t fold when equipment is hung on them. Typically this nylon will be about 2mm thick or will be a two ply construction of 4-5mm thick. Most tactical belts are 1.5” or 38mm wide. Some options are available at 1.75” or 44mm that are for climbing support. The 1.5” standard is popular because it both fits through the loops of nearly any pants for adults but also is compatible with most accessories and holsters on the market for mounting.

What is a tactical belt made of?

The best tactical belts are made of nylon webbing that is stiff and durable. Tactical belts need to be able to support the weight of equipment and holsters without bending or folding. Some belts use two ply material that is softer and doubling it and possibly even inserting a stiffener between the layers makes it stiff enough for tactical use. When selecting a tactical belt make sure you can’t easily fold it in half or it won’t be strong enough to hold your heavier items. Also, the belt ideally should have a ribbed or textured feel, which will help keep tension buckles tight and your gear from sliding around your waist when in use.

What should I look for in a tactical belt?

Tactical belts have two jobs – to hold your pants up and keep your equipment secure and at the ready. The buckle should be inspected for durability and quality. It should function easily so that you can quickly operate it when you need to loosen or remove the belt but also be clasp tightly so it won’t come undone when you don’t want it to, even under stress and equipment weight. If you’re choosing a mechanical buckle for quick release, many of them do not fit through normal width belt loops. The buckly will need to be removed from at least one end so the webbing can be fed through. This isn’t a big deal but it might be more than you’re expecting, so double check the width of both the webbing and the buckle before you buy. The belt should be made of high quality webbing that is stiff and won’t buckle or fold under the weight of your equipment. It should also be textured so it won’t easily slip through the buckle or your gear.

What is a tactical belt for?

Tactical belts are used by anyone who wants to securely and comfortably add gear to their waist. Holsters and equipment pouches for ammunition, handcuffs, first aid, etc, all are designed to attach to a tactical belt. Once you’ve set up your belt with your gear, you should train your muscle memory to be able to find each item quickly without having to look. It’s important that once you’ve found a comfortable location for each of your items on your belt, you consistently attach the items in the same location for this reason.