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Propper Security Boots

Quality footwear is essential for security guards. After all, nobody can do this job on aching feet. However, you need the traction and build that ensures you will be ready for anything.

Propper security guard boots come in a variety of styles, so you can pick the pair that will support you best. Here’s an explainer for what styles and materials you can expect in our boots for security guards.

Tactical Duty Boot

The classic tactical boot – in other words, built tough. A performance rubber outsole and a guarded side zipper help you take quick action, in any environment. These also have a breathable, moisture-wicking mesh lining and a padded collar for comfort. One nice extra: The friction-resistant lacing system makes it easier to adjust and pull on. That means you won't have to wrestle these boots onto your feet before your shift.

Duralight Tactical Boot

Everything you need in a security boot, but it won’t weigh you down. This has the slip-resistant treads, reinforced stitching, and leather upper construction of a classic tactical boot. But it’s also lightweight, making for an easier time on duty.

Breathable lining and an EVA-contoured footbed keep your feet cushioned and cool. “EVA” stands for “ethylene vinyl acetate” which is a composite of two types of plastic. EVA material is lightweight and an excellent shock-absorber.

It’s also flexible, and it tends to mold to the foot for added support. That’s why you see it in so many tactical boots, hiking boots, and even walking shoes.

Military Jungle Boot

Made to military specs, the jungle boot is a limited-time offering. These boots have a good grip and sturdy uppers made of full-grain cattlehide leather. Brass drainage vents keep your feet cool, the EVA insole keeps you comfortable, and the friction-resistant lacing system lets you get them on without any hassle.

Series 100 Waterproof Side Zip

Propper’s Series 100 covers a wide range of styles. It’s our high-value, durable footwear series, manufactured in the U.S.

The Waterproof Side Zip in this series does exactly what you’d think – they keep your feet dry, even after sloshing through a waterlogged area. The seams are sealed with HyrdoGuard and the uppers are made with 1000D nylon, a water-resistant material.

Also highly important: These boots are stink-resistant. A breathable liner wicks moisture and regulates temperature. The boot material has been treated with antimicrobial technology called Aegis® to keep odors from latching on.

Series 100 Side Zip Boot Waterproof Comp Toe Boot

These boots are ideal for work at sites that use metal detectors or that require electrical hazard protection. A comp – or “composite” – toe means the boots are made from sturdy non-metal materials, an important safety factor for these jobs.

They also meet the standards for protective footwear from the ASTM, the organization formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.

The Side Zip Boot also has memory foam insoles to keep your feet cushioned, and this boot comes with free inserts so you can add more padding for better comfort and fit.

Series 100 Chelsea Comp Toe Boot

The Chelsea Comp Toe Boot has the same safety composite toe made of non-metal materials, the same slip-resistant soles, the same memory foam insoles and free inserts – but it's in an easy on/easy off Chelsea boot style.

The material is a polyester mesh gore, so it’s even more flexible for sliding your feet in and out. But you don't sacrifice any durability or support, so you can be confident that this boot can keep up with you.

Find your best security guard boots

security boot at Propper will keep security personnel comfortable and ready to handle whatever happens on duty. Reinforced construction, slip-resistant soles, and moisture-wicking linings come standard, and you can choose the details that best support your work.

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