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  1. 360 Belt
  2. 6-Panel Cap
  3. Gear | Propper® Long Sleeve T-Shirt 2 Pack

Security Guard Gear to Complete your Uniform

Your security team needs essentials like belts, caps, and windbreakers to stay safe and comfortable during long shifts. These items complete the uniform and ensure you look professional in any situation.

Security Guard Belts

Rapid release belt

This belt is ideal for concealed carry wear (CCW), with a Cobra Quick Release buckle and rigid nylon webbing for extra sturdiness. When your uniform needs to perform in any situation, this belt will do.

Tactical Duty Belt

This is our best-value security guard belt, with sturdy nylon webbing and a durable plastic or metal buckle. Unobtrusive, and it comes in a variety of colors to match your uniform.

360 Belt

Inspired by the typical wildland firefighter belt, the 360 has a V-ring buckle made of aircraft-grade aluminum. A step above the basic tactical duty belt.

Security Guard Caps

Six-panel cap

A sturdy, comfortable cap made from NEXTStretch® fabric, available in colors to match Propper’s Kinetic® uniform items. The wide brim and adjustable back mean you can wear it comfortably all shift long.

Contractor cap

This is just like the six-panel model, but with a snap-back size adjustment in the back and three loop fields so you can attach patches. Attach identifying logos to make your uniform more professional and official on the job.

Security Guard Jackets

Uniform Windbreaker

Public safety personnel who have to spend time outside need a professional-looking security guard windbreaker.

Propper’s windbreaker for security guards is made of lightweight taffeta that has been treated to be water-resistant. The material is great for screen-printing so it’s easy to affix a logo on the jacket as well.

Make sure your security guard gear matches the rest of your uniform – look for Propper’s security guard shirts and pants to create a professional-looking uniform that projects authority while keeping you comfortable.