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  1. ACU Coat
  2. Military Shirts | Propper® BDU Shirt – Short Sleeve
  3. Military Shirts | Propper® Uniform BDU Coat - Twill
  4. Military Shirts | Propper® ACU Coat - Battle Rip® Multicam®
  5. Military Shirts | Propper® ACU Coat – FR Multicam
    ACU Coat – FR Multicam
    $149.99 $74.99
  6. Military Shirts | Propper® BDU Coat - 60/40 Twill
    BDU Coat - 60/40 Twill
    $29.99 $9.99
  7. Military Shirts | Propper® BDU Shirt - Long Sleeve
    BDU Shirt - Long Sleeve
    $34.99 $26.24
  8. Military Shirts | Propper® BDU Shirt–Long Sleeve Teflon™
  9. Military Shirts | Propper® ACU Coat  - Army Universal
  10. Military Shirts | Propper® ACU Coat -NYCO Multicam
    ACU Coat -NYCO Multicam
    $59.99 $19.99

Military Shirts for Men by Propper

A Propper military shirt is the quintessential symbol of as U.S. Military fatigues. With five decades as a leading supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense, every military top comes loaded with field-inspired innovation that does not disappoint. When it comes to Propper’s military shirts for men, you get durable construction and expert tailoring that will never hold you back.

Combat Shirts

These hybrid garments are meant to function as a comfort-focused uniform item worn under heavy body armor. Raglan-style sleeves reduce bulk and chafing under pressure from armor carriers, while the snag-free breathable material used on the body of the garment keeps you cool and comfortable. The sleeves and collar of OCP Combat Shirts match traditional NYCO combat coats while reinforced elbow patches contribute to durability users expect from Propper. If a plate carrier is a part of your uniform, a Propper Combat Shirt is a must-have item.

What brand are military shirts?

Propper International is the largest supplier of military shirts to the U.S. Department of Defense. For over 50 years, Propper has been manufacturing and delivering military tops around the world.

  • ACU Coats - The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) coat is built for the battlefield and is a current military-issued garment. 
  • BDU Coats - The Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) coat is a combat uniform coat that was used by the United States Armed Forces a standard uniform top from the early 1980s to the mid-2000s.
  • BDU Shirts - A modern take on classic military fatigues. These garments take the iconic BDU pocket designs and combine them with the equally classic double breast pocket configuration of American OG 107 fatigue shirts.
  • Combat Shirts - Originally conceived in the early 2000’s these uniform tops are essentially a t-shirt/uniform coat hybrid meant to be worn in conjunction with body armor plate carriers. 

Along with these iconic staples, Propper is also a leading manufacture and supplier of more modern Men’s Tactical Shirts. Be sure to check our full lineup of these purpose-built button-ups that are sure to fit your needs.

America’s Standard for Men’s Military Shirts

Propper has met the evolving needs of the U.S. Department of Defense and tactical apparel industry for over 50 years, thanks to a no-compromise manufacturing process of apparel and safety equipment. Everything from tactical pants to OCP Air Force uniforms are made with the level of care dedication our customers expect from an industry staple. You won't find real battle-proven apparel for a more affordable price anywhere else.

Men’s Military Apparel That Works Right, Right When It's Supposed To

Whether you're a public safety official, a soldier on active duty, or work for a private security firm, situations can escalate as quickly as they can end. That moment is all you have to perform at your absolute best. Propper is committed to producing gear that is ready to meet that moment head-on. Suit up in our men's military shirts and get the job done.

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