BBC Review of the U.C. Pack

We love getting our products in the hands of real users out in the field. It’s a part of our product development process, and helps us get things off of the screen, out of the office, and out into the elements. The U.C. Pack not only benefits from our product testing, but also that of the U.S. Marine Corps. The U.C. Pack was modeled after the Assault Pack Propper makes on contract with the U.S. DOD with much of the same functionality making it’s way into the U.C. Pack.

Now that the pack is available, we also like to see how others will use the pack. The very nature of the MOLLE and hook and loop panels allow for endless options to customize the pack for anyones particular needs. We were fortunate to have Josh Orth from and take a look at the pack for his particular use.

Josh called out the overall construction of the pack:

Made from 1000D Cordura nylon and wrapped pretty extensively in MOLLE webbing, the simple straight lines of this pack make it well suited to a variety of loadouts. No tight curved corners to try to jam kit into. The pack measures 50cm (20") x 35cm (13") x 16cm ( 6.5"), so you’ve got a lot of capacity to play with.


He also noted one of the main highlights of the bag- the internal loop lining. It’s not just in parts of the bag, it literally lines the entiror interior:

Internally all four sides are lined with soft-touch loop to accept any hook-field accessories, be they holsters, tear-away medical pouches or any number of hook-field backed kit you might have ready to go. 

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