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Guest post by Joe Houser

OTS in use

Propper has a great lineup of bags. I’ve been using their duffles, backpacks, and gun cases going on two years. But the bag that I use most frequently is their large sling bag called the Propper OTS™ XL.

Propper makes two OTS bags, but my focus is on the extra-large version, the XL. I’ve never said that I wish a bag was smaller. It always seems like I need more room, and the OTS XL fits my needs. It’s light weight and unobtrusive when mostly empty but has more than enough storage when I need it. Sling bags are great. By definition, they are a bag with only one shoulder strap. They are usually slung across your body or can be hung from the near shoulder without going over your head. When slung, the bag can be positioned behind you, on the hip, and even in front for easy access to its contents.

I usually use it as a briefcase/laptop bag. I carry my 13” laptop in a padded sleeve, some pens, markers and notepads, a flashlight and a tourniquet. (Yes, a tourniquet. You never know.) I can also toss in a mouse and charging cables for my laptop and phone. I take this bag to business meetings or the coffee shop, and it makes a great airline carry-on. There is enough room to add a Canon DSLR with lens, a laser range finder, and a Kestrel weather meter when headed to the range for rifle shooting and photography.

Coyote OTS

In addition to the main compartment, I count a total of five zippered compartments, with rubber-molded zipper pulls, allowing you to carry as many or as few essentials as you’d like. One of the compartments is designed as a CCW pocket. It is lined with loop (think hook and loop) and optimized for use with a hydration bladder or concealed carry. A mesh compartment with cinch top is perfect for a water bottle or travel mug.

The OTS XL features quick-release ergonomic straps at the shoulder (up to 53”) and waist. The waist strap stores inside the bag when not in use. I usually don’t wear the waist strap. But it’s nice to know it is there should I need to secure the bag for strenuous physical activity. The shoulder strap also has a non-slip pad providing comfort when the load gets heavy.

For the guys and gals that desire an exterior loop field for patches and MOLLE webbing for additional modularity, Propper has you covered. But it’s not over-the-top tactical. It’s just enough loop and webbing without screaming “tactical”.

No matter how cool and functional a bag is, it needs to be comfortable as well. This is addressed through breathable rear padding that conforms to the body.

If you like sling bags or have thought about giving one a try, I suggest you take a look at the OTS XL. Propper really hit the mark with this bag.


Joe HouserJoe Houser is a former marketing executive with SureFire, Viridian, and several marketing firms. His passion lies in firearms and firearm training, and he has trained across the country with some of the top names in tactical training. He teaches defensive pistol and CCW in his home state of Minnesota, enjoys shooting competitively, and is a Master Class IDPA shooter.