Tactical Boots Sizing

Propper footwear was built for out of the box comfort that lasts. That means no break-in period. You shouldn't have to buy a boot with the hope that it will become comfortable over time. Follow these simple steps to get the right fit from the start.

Step 1: Brannock Device

Have both feet professionally measured using a Brannok Device®. Propper's sizing matches U.S. men's sizing as shown.

Note: Two widths are currently available - Medium (D) and Wide (EE).

Step 2: Too Loose

Try on the correct boot size and walk around. You should be looking for any areas where the boot slips or fits too tight. Because no two feet are the same size, you may find that one or both of your feet do not perfectly fill the height or width of the boot.  

Step 3: Boot insert

If necessary, add the included insert(s) underneath the insole of the boot for a more snug fit. These inclued fit inserts are an optional way to fine tune the fit of the boots by taking up additional space within the boot. This can be especially beneficial if you are between sizes, have different sized feet, or have narrow feet. They can be used in conjunction on the same foot, or can even be cut in half to help fine tune the fit of different areas within the boot.

Step 4: Perfect Fit

Once you have determined whether or not you need to use the optional Fit Inserts, try on the boots again to ensure you've got the right fit. Confirm your boot lacing is evenly spaced from toe to ankle, and that your feet are not feeling any pressure or slipping within the boot. Pay special attention to the heal of the boot. You should feel your heal lock in to the back of the boot with open space only around your toes.

Additional Tips

  • Try to fit your new boots at the end of the day. Your feet will swell over the course of the day and will be more sensitive to pressure and hot spots. 
  • Wear appropriate socks when fitting boots. Your sizing will depend on the type of socks you plan to wear with your boots.
  • Consider replacing your socks when you purchase new boots. Socks retain corosive salt and break down over time losing their moisture wicking and cushioning properties. New socks will provide a more comfortable fit and help your boots last longer.

Propper Size Conversion Chart

Conversion Chart