duty jacketA duty jacket is an essential piece of outerwear for first responders, law enforcement personnel, hunters, or any tactical enthusiast with an active outdoor lifestyle. These five features make duty jackets a must-have staple in your all-seasons wardrobe.


When you're on the job under pressure-filled conditions, or when you need maximum focus in extreme weather conditions, the last thing you need to distract you is clothing that doesn't fit, is uncomfortable, or doesn't give you the range of motion you need. With Propper apparel, your clothing is an extension of you.

Optimal functionality doesn’t have to mean loss of comfort. A softshell duty jacket, for example, is exceptionally comfortable because it is lightweight, breathable, and allows for a full range of motion. These jackets are especially ideal for dry, windy conditions. They allow for extended periods of wear while providing storage for crucial items. Softshell jackets promote speed and flexibility because of their featherweight construction and flexible, sporty design. These jackets are also well-fitting for a near-custom-made feel.


You need outerwear that’s in it for the long haul. Garments that include reinforcement in high-abrasion areas, like the zip duty jacket, are specially designed to withstand wear and tear.

Duty jackets should last for years without needing to be repaired or replaced. An outerwear layer as essential as this needs to hold up to daily use. Chances are you'll end up wearing it every opportunity you get.

Temperature Management

Protection from wind, rain, snow, and cold are things you might expect from your duty jacket. Materials like polyester, fleece, cotton, and spandex combine to create this elemental shield. Propper provides a wide selection of jackets so you can select the option that makes the most sense for your climate and situation. Choose between insulated jackets suited for cold weather, softshell jackets for a warmer climate, and jackets with removable liners for the best of both worlds.


Exude a sense of style and authority without sacrificing functionality. These duty jackets can help you feel confident - whether you’re on the job or enjoying a night out after your shift is complete.

Well-fitting construction and low-key colors can be combined to provide stylish protection from the outdoors. Pick a duty jacket with color tones that seamlessly match your uniform so you can follow protocols without any hassle.

Designed to meet military-grade standards, our outerwear provides exceptional dependability whether or not you’re on the frontlines.


With a wide range of options offered by Propper, you can select a jacket with the functionality that meets your unique requirements. Propper jackets offer features such as waterproof outer lining, removable liners that adapt to the weather, removable ID panels, document pockets, handwarmer pockets, adjustable hoods, mic clips, and much more.

With numerous pockets, sturdy zippers, and reversible materials, options like the ANSI III duty jacket provide a wealth of helpful features.

The solid-colored side of the jacket offers discrete protection from the elements, while the reverse side offers a built-in reflective jacket for low-light safety.

Get the Best Duty Jackets at Propper

Propper offers the ultimate selection of duty jackets. From packable jackets to reversible coats, our outer layers are crafted for excellence. Fifty years of experience and field testing go into each of our top-notch products. Our duty jackets are the perfect combination of comfort, durability, warmth, style, and function.