1. What Are AR 670-1 Compliant Boots

    Hot Weather Combat UniformMilitary personnel may have to work in very challenging terrain, which means that the boots they wear need to be strong, durable and highly protective. AR 670-1 compliant boots ensure that soldiers will always have the right footwear for every possible scenario.

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  2. Top Cold Weather Tactical Jackets for 2020

    tactical winter jacketThe seasons change, but the demands of the job stay the same. Built tough, yet tailored for a comfortable fit, these premium cold weather tactical jackets from Propper are the ideal outer layers for a shift spent mostly outdoors.

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  3. Propper Rifle Case Specs and Features

    gun casesMade with a rip-proof fabric covering, tough, durable stitching and a strong double zipper enclosure that can accommodate a lock, the Propper 36” rifle case is made to last. Keep your firearm protected as you head to the range or your favorite hunting spot.

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  4. 5 Features That Make a Great Duty Jacket

    tactical winter jacketPropper duty jackets are the perfect combination of comfort, durability, warmth, style and function for when you need to focus under extreme weather conditions. They can be worn for extended periods as they're specifically designed to withstand wear and tear.

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  5. Propper Offers the Best in Big and Tall Tactical Gear

    polo shirts big and tallShopping for big and tall tactical gear can be a challenge. Too often, options are limited and the styles you want don’t come in the right size. Propper is proud to offer the best products to everyone, in every size.

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  6. Aramid Flight Suits Provide a Low Cost Alternative to Nomex

    military flight suit

    Propper currently offers flight suits in 3 different fabrics. If NIR compliance is not a factor in your decision, the reasonably-priced Aramid flight suit might be worth a try.

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  7. Now Playing: Propper on the Silver Screen

    Aaron Eckhart Propper

    As the largest supplier of U.S. military uniforms, it should come as no surprise that both Propper BDUs and ACUs have appeared in several films.

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  8. BDU Pants: An American Icon

    Propper BDUCheck out our homage to the beloved BDU.

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  9. SHOT Show 2020 Recap

    Vegas SHOT Show 2020SHOT Show 2020 is in the books, but the year is just getting started! Here is a quick recap of the show and what’s new in gear this year.

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  10. Winter Concealed Carry Tips

    Woman ThumbnailColder weather offers a completely new level of concealed carry options that do not exist in the warmer months. Are you ready?

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